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17 Jun

Wednesday June 17, 2015


Good morning.

Starting to feel better about the direction here, picking up more trades this week and seeing some green.

I’ve been +5% on both DGLY, JNUG already but really want a few 10%+ winners here so I’m being patient.

Today’s the FOMC announcement which could make the JNUG trade volatile, it’s a good one to button up before 2 p.m. EST if that’s going to turn your stomach like a roller coaster at Six Flags.

Let’s break down the positions, then look a few trades to round out the portfolio.

LQMT – Pure story stock with the potential to double in a day or two on the right news. The play here is watching for new Apple product launches and the connection LQMT might have to them. When rumors hit that the next iPhone will be made mostly of LQMT and it sure seems like they always do, shares are likely to shoot higher. Never mind the outside chance for ‘real’ news, it’s the media that often drives this price.

DGLY – On May 28 Roth Capital Partners initiated Digital Ally at a buy noting a $20 million pipeline and a $20 price target. Police brutality has been a hot and sad topic lately. Hillary Clinton has called for mandatory body cameras on police and she’s the front runner right now, leading the polls, with the presidential election right around the corner.

JNUG – I like gold a lot into the end of the year. I think investors are starting to talk about it a lot more again and it is on a serious base of support right now. People keep trashing it and think it is going under $1,000, but I don’t think that’s the case. Pretty easy trade here, I’ll look for a 10% profit to the upside or keep a stop in place under $18. I’ll likely add one more time to it on a dip into the $19’s if that happens.

FNMA – The AIG victory this week sets the stage for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I’ve long been bullish on FNMA due to my belief they’ll eventually be released from the conservatorship and return profits to investors so when the AIG news hit I took my position again.

So that’s the portfolio. Here’s what I’m looking at.

GEVO – This is one I have in the swing portfolio right now, it’s also one I’d like to be long here as well. Currently rounding out above $3.60 support, if that holds I think there’s an outside chance of big news based on the announcement with Alaskan Air recently.

NVGN – An offering destroyed their momentum recently but it’s starting to consolidate above $4.50’s. I’m looking to see how it handles the next dip to that level and position, because it’s likely they have more good news lined up post offering and could easily see the $6’s again if $4.50’s support holds.




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