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15 Jun

Long Term Newsletter Changes


Good morning.

It’s become obvious that hitting huge wins across a few weeks to a few months is not easy with only 5 open positions at a time. This would probably work a lot better with 15 – 20 open positions at a time but that’s not the direction I want to go in. I’ve let a handful of 5 – 10% wins off the hook, only to take losses on the trades because I was gunning for 20%+.

Keeping the flexible entry and exit theme, which I believe to be the most important part of this long term service, I’m going to target 10%+ gains within a week or two and start racking up some wins and more importantly, a profit. As profits add up, the 5 open positions can get bigger through compounding which makes the 10%+ wins bigger too. I know this strategy to work, it’s precisely what I do in my swing newsletter – the primary difference is I’ll be hunting flexible entries and exits here which will make it a passive trading approach. I think it should work for all of you and improve upon what we started here.

To do this I’ll start sending a watch list a few days a week. Right now I’m thinking Sunday night followed by Tuesday and Thursday morning.

We’ll still define stocks as best of breed, story stocks and momentum monsters. The primary shift is hold times are reduced and percent gains are more reasonable. When an AAMRQ etc… comes along, we’ll go after the big score too.

That’s all for now. Let’s look to carry 5 open trades at a time from now on with about $10,000 invested in each trade. Activity will increase slightly but should be very easy to follow still.

I’ll get a performance journal up as soon as I have a few more closed positions.

Portfolio updates.

LQMT has been boring, that’s just how it trades, but I feel strongly it’ll likely ramp at some point on Apple speculation, so I’ll be letting that ride out as long as necessary.

DGLY has performed well so far, up 5%+ at times to the $14.30’s, the goal here is a move to $16’s which should give us a nice win.

Here’s the watch list for Monday.

GRPN – Fallen into oversold with good support in the middle $5’s I’ll be looking for a position around $5.70. June 5 Deutsche Bank re-inititated it at a buy, target $8.50, A backtest shows Groupon has been a good bouncer out of oversold and the company has reiterated its guidance for 2Q15 and 2015, while also increasing a share buyback authorization by $200 million.

VSR – Technical swing trade here off the SMA 50 around $3.70 looking for $4, maybe more. The MACD is rounding out very nicely and the stock has been carrying a trend lately, which could trigger a move better than $4 if this goes well.

NVGN – Very popular biotech right now with an offering behind it, making entry above $5 appealing for a move to $6’s. Like VSR above, the MACD is rounding out here which signals a shift from the selling momentum to buying momentum.

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