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19 Jun

Friday June 19, 2015


Really nice win on JNUG Thursday +13% +$2,600 profit. I believe this passive swing trading strategy with flexible entries and exits is going to work very well.


Is everyone feeling good about going for 5 – 20% wins on flexible entry and exit stocks versus 20%+ as I initially wanted? Leave comments below.

I have some layout changes to the content section that should make following the passive swing trades even easier, I’m thinking my programmer will have it done by the middle to end of next week but don’t hold me to that, just know it’s coming.

DGLY performed very well for us Thursday too, but I opted to hold the +15% win for more and believe we’ll get it, my only regret here is not owning more shares of this one. Rodman & Renshaw initiated coverage of DGLY with a Buy and $24 price target Thursday. I’m looking for profit in the $16’s on this trade.

Nothing to report on the rest of the portfolio, FNMA and LQMT are solid picks at these prices and both should pay well down the road.

Despite the big win on JNUG I’m still in the hole with this new service to the tune of -$4,400 (mostly from the SD loss) so I have my work cut out for me to get flat and then at a nice profit. I have no doubt the passive swing trading with flexible entries and exits versus long term trading is going to be lucrative so it’s just a matter of time now.

Don’t get me wrong, love the concept of the long term trading but doing it with only 5 open positions at a time is like watching paint dry, I really think the long term trading concept would work well with 15 – 20 open trades at a time. Again, let me know if you like the direction here, I believe strongly this is best for us, but you’re my audience and my job is to serve you so comment below.

I’m not looking to buy anything new today before the weekend and will have a new watch list out for Monday. Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

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  1. Ari Ross

    JB – I do agree with you that having more open positions would work better for a long-term service. If it’s too much to manage 15-20 open positions along with the active swing trades, maybe doubling it to 10 would be better. But I agree that 5 is very light for a long term hold. Hope that’s helpful! – Ari

  2. esusankorbach

    JB – I agree that more positions would be desirable as well as a lower profit range. I concur with Ari’s comments that 10 positions would be more manageable but I wouldn’t mind more either. My perspective is starting with a $50K commitment and I didn’t have the “guts” to purchase JNUG, darn it. Though the initial losers hurt, it reminds one to be consistent and follow the plan (probabilities) to be successful. Thanks for your service

  3. nancybrookins

    I think a recommendation of 10-15 at different price points would be a good idea. Clients could determine what they wanted to invest in based on their resources or choose to mirror your portfolio exactly.

  4. faworange

    JB, I agree with you that having more open positions for your Long Term trade service would be a good idea. I think Ari’s suggestion of 10 is a good idea. However, your last buy (ERX) is a little out of my league 🙁 Congratulations on your JNUG pick – my first win. What a great feeling…

  5. michel_desroches

    Hey Jason great job on the services. I’m thinking that yea its like watching paint dry but really this long term strategy is just that, Long term. Personally when I see you in a position in this long term service, in my mind Im thinking 3 or more month up to even a year. But I sense in you that perhaps being so used to swing trading that you feel you need to deliver faster results which is really not warranted in this service. For example although JNUG is a fantastic win I would really consider that more of a swing trade than a long term trade (1 to 4 day)? My plan is to have 50% of my portfolio on these long term “safer” trades and to swing trade with you the remaining 50% for faster potentially more lucrative profits.

    As to having 15 to 20 trades going on at a time in this long term service, My situation only allows me to invest about 30k atm in this service so would probably only have 2 or 3 going at a time. My only concern is that out of 20 ongoing trades it would require me to really dig deep into the stocks “which is a good thing” to decide which to take. But again your explanations as to why you take a position on a stock goes a long way, in helping me decide in which to enter into. Perhaps a rating of how you feel about the different position would help… but honestly your already doing that.

    anyways. Thank you for what you do, I can feel my retirement approaching ever more quickly as I learn and earn along with you. But truth be know my retirement will involve ongoing trading because this is too much fun to ever stop….. Never in my life did I think that weekends would be boring lol.


  6. genjacks0n

    The original strategy was for no more than 5 open positions at a time so to go to 15-20 positions would make this unaffordable for many such as myself, I would vote for 10 max if we have to make a change.

  7. Drewzd

    Totally understand the need for more positions. Just signed up for the mentor service and am a yearly subscriber on both long and swing subscriptions. Might have to put this side on hold for a bit. Was hoping to dedicate 5k to this. Will be hard with 10 plus positions. However I love the idea and look forward to seeing it grow and morph.




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