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9 Feb

The Thank Yous Continue To Hit My Email, Check Them Out


I am writing to you to thank you for the above email that I received from you.  I had wondered when this would occur because it just seemed to be too good to be for real.   By the same token, I really wanted to believe that the news about NSRS was real.  Therefore, when I received the email from you, I thought at first that this was what I had expected so I should respond by selling all my NSRS stock, but I rebelled and decided to just ignore your advice.  However, I thought that if my first reaction was right and I lost all the money I would have no one to blame except me SO I went into my online account and set the stock on a stop loss limit price of one cent below the 7/7/2012 closing price.   When I woke this morning the entire online stock portfolio had sold immediately when the market opened and when I got back from my cardiologist office this afternoon, the entire investment including all of its gains was posted in my cash balance and the bottom had fallen out of NSRS stock.!!    Your advice had been 100% correct and had saved me from having lost everything including all the gains that was more than I had invested of my own funds (in other words the gains was about 60% of the entire balance of stock values).    I had come that close to making an error that would have given me the heart attack that my cardiologist was trrying to save me from having!!!   Keep up the good work you are doing!

Thank you for the email concerning NSRS.  I actually had some NSRS, and when it was up to 1.64 sold some shares and made some money.  This morning, based on your thinking it will tank, and most likely this week, I sold my remaining 1,000 shares.  I will now watch NSRS and see what it does.

All I can say is thank you, if not for subscribing to your service and getting your alert for NSRS to tank, I would have been out over $20k.  Instead I sold it at 1.68 keeping all profits as I saw it rise from my initial purchase at .67. Once again thank you Jason! 

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  1. frank kolnacki

    Interesting comments here. I paper traded NSRS only. Still learning proper entry and exit points and my newbie pump and dump experience prevents me from jumping in with real cash at this stage of my development. Thanks for keeping some of your videos up for free so that we can learn from the master. I watch them repeatedly to gain valuable tips and insights. If you ever do a student trading challenge a la Tim Sykes, I hope I’m selected as your first trading guinea pig. 🙂 Best regards, Frank

    • Jason Bond

      Hi Frank. Very smart paper trading first, there’s lots of money to be made on pumps but understanding the game adds an element of safety in a ruthless game. No problem on the videos, there’s 100 or so indexed which should help out a lot, for new videos I do 5-7 per week for premium to elite subscribers. While I don’t have a challenge in place like Tim, my BondElite package is very, very similar. Cheers.


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