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12 Feb

The Best Objective Review I’ve Had In Weeks


I want to thank FL_Trader for taking the time to write this review. It’s clearly well written and objective which helps me a lot. As a former teacher I know the importance of of assessing my performance week to week, so when I get a thorough evaluation like this one from FL_Trader at Investimonials, you better believe I not only listen, but more importantly refine my service to meet the needs of my subscribers. Quite honestly, some of his critical comments have been on my mind as well.

Professional and focused

I like this guy Jason. He verifies his trades consistently on Profit.ly and has a good winning percentage >60%. He’s professional, mature, and focused unlike some of the other gurus on Profit.ly. He was a former school teacher with a Master’s degree in Education with a passion to teach on Wall Street. He is humble and works hard for his subscribers. He is always punctual and organized. When he started out in Profit.ly, he started to promote his swing trade service and it was really good. His watchlist was very profitable and subscribers were happy. There are approximately 150+ subscribers in this service.

However, something changed recently that worries me. He all of a sudden started offering a day trading service to only a select number of subscribers for $1997/yr with no option for monthly payments. That was a real shocker. Now the swing trading service has slowed down dramatically and the day trading service seems to be more active. It went from quality trading to hyper scalping trash in a couple weeks Now you see good setups being destroyed by these scalpers. They push and pull things around making things unstable. I’m concerned that Jason can’t manage everything in the long run and may end up losing subscribers.

On a typical week, Jason will give you like 15-20 stocks to follow but he will only play like 1-5 of them. He will also pull a rabbit out of his hat occassionally and trade some new stock that was never listed on the watchlist only to watch him fail because nobody was prepared for that stock. All these 15-20 stocks are very profitable setups but I don’t know why he doesn’t play them with conviction and confidence. He also has this bad habit of buying stocks at their highs looking for higher prices. He will send out an alert when stocks are at their highs only to push it higher. Sometimes they work but most of the time they don’t.

I recommend current subscribers not wait for his alerts. They usually are timed poorly. They should play his watchlist independently but buy low and sell at the highs. Use longer term time periods on your charts and be very patient. Don’t chase.

I can only give this service about 4 stars since there are some lingering issues that are concerning.

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  1. Sunkitti

    I also was starting to get the same feelings about Jasonbondpicks.co as FL_Trader. I am NOT a subscriber but was seriously considering it especially for day trades, since I work. I thought I had found a great site and was monitoring Profit.ly each day to see how things were going. Needless to say, when the day trading started the swing trading didn’t seem to be going too smoothly and I was quickly losing interest in paying $100 a month. Stay with what you’re good at Jason and the rest will fall into place when the time is right. Thanks

    • Jason Bond

      Hi Sunkitti and thanks for writing. Let me make something clear though, nothing has changed with my swing trades. I put as much work into them as I always have. I posted it as an example of my ability to take constructive criticism. LGF at $8.50, FLOW at $3.40 and ROYL at $4.50 are all recent examples of extremely successful swing trades.

      The swing trade product and the day trade product are completely different and the people in each group have nothing to do with the other. Nor do they impact the trades. I’m not sure how you’ve noticed a difference, NOT being a subscriber, but I’d love to hear more?

      What’s even more confusing is how can anyone judge what I’m good at, when you don’t know me or my ability to trade? I made $8,200 Monday day trading, does that mean I’m good or bad? A year ago when I left teaching in public education people like you gave me the same advice, “Stay with what your good at Jason” when I started this swing trading blog. I’ve been planning a day trading newsletter for a year and it’s going great.

  2. Chad


    Thank you for taking the time to reply to this review. I have been considering subscribing but was also wondering if your swing trading subscribers would take a back seat to day trading. Your response has helped put me at ease and I now feel more comfortable potentially subscribing in the near future.

    One response that would help me make a decision: Can you compare your Bond Elite service to StockAnalyzer’s Super Nova Premium service? Comparing the two, it seems you may provide more teaching via video lessons?

    • Jason Bond

      Hi Chad. I can’t compare sorry because I don’t use his service. What I can tell you is that I work my tail off for subscribers and each day I try to improve my teaching and trading.

  3. samuel pappy

    I do trade daily. Have no special education on how to trade as far as timing and selling. I see your service is very interesting and promising. Please answer me few of this issues.
    1. difference between swing trade and day trade?
    2. the fee has substantial difference, so day trade may be best option
    3. subscription, can it be terminated earlier?

    • Jason Bond

      Hi. Day trade is chat only and we make 7-10 trades per day, cash at close. Swing is 3-5 trades per week with 1-4 day holds. Day trading is more expensive as it’s geared toward bigger accounts and bigger results due to more trading, a typical subscriber should have over $25,000 to participate. Yes you can close your account at any time but there are no refunds so if you aren’t sure quarterly is the way to go.

  4. randyformaro

    It is now Dec 2014 and I joined JBPs while on Christmas vacation so I could take everything in. I have to agree with FL trader’s comments from two years ago. The swing trade alerts I have received have basically been the same for the last two weeks and all but one of them have gone nowhere. The one that has serious potential (BDR) Jason jumped in and out of without waiting for the big news he said would explode this stock. The day trade chat room for me is scary because anyone can post an entry point for a stock like they are Mr. Wall Street. I have sat and watched entries and verified stock prices for hours upon hours and over 90 percent of the entry points were at the beginning of very big price drops. This point brings me to the main reason I do not like JBPs. He “stalks” stocks that have tanked for whatever reason, usually because the company has no value. He speculates that because of these all time lows these stocks will be thus be bought up in excess at these low prices therefore driving the stock price up significantly to profit in the short term. The people in his chat room think they have identified all time lows which will cause stocks to rise and they are wrong almost all of the time. From what I have seen, Jason’s swing trade alerts are too. These stocks have no liquidity and have no trading volume and what people need to realize is that Jason can buy 10,000 shares or more of a $2 stock and immediately drive the price up 10% or more. If you get in after that increase and no other day traders buy the stock you are going to be stuck with a stock that you bought at the jacked up price Jason caused and you either have to take a loss on it or hold it for years praying something happens to drive it back up. I can not comment on the Momentum Monsters that are supposed to come with his premium service because I have yet to be given access even though I am a premium member and i have notified the site with no response. I do not get the email and text alerts as promised.

    Bottom line. It’s not as easy to make money with JBPs as suggested. I consider him, and all other pay stock picking services of which I’ve tried many, to basically be a MLM, i.e. I’ve got rich doing this, join my service and you’ll be rich too. Fact is, if you join his service and start buying stocks he recommends, especially his swing trade alerts, chat room alerts, or his partner site PennyPro. com, you are going to lose a ton of money. I’m a CPA and did the math on paper without actually buying the stocks thank God. What I will say is that Jason is excellent at picking index/ETN/ETF stocks which react to market conditions your average person doesn’t know about. You can make good money on these picks. You can also make good money on Jason’s picks like BDR which have an actual catalyst, unlike his other alerts, which are going to cause the stock to increase. Unfortunately, these picks from Jason are probably what made him rich but he does not extend that same courtesy to his customers anymore. He is a multimillionaire that can afford to lose thousands of dollars in the market at any given time because he is earning thousands else where so I just want to say to the average Joe with an account of 25 to 50 thousand dollars be afraid, be very afraid. Jason doesn’t care if you lose money as long as he’s making his and I am so disappointed with his service that I will not buy any of his “stocks to buy” to double in January because of the January effect. They are washed up stocks nobody is buying and he hopes an ETF picks them up. A serious or new investor, instead of the trying to get rich quick ones Jason attracts, would be better off getting a free subscription to “Seeking Alpha,” which I frankly believe Jason gets most of his sorry swing trade alerts from in the first place, and focus on upward trending stocks. There are just as many of these low priced stocks which have nowhere near the risk and just as much profit potential.


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