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8 Jun

Monday June 8, 2015


Good morning.

Big win on GEVO +32% from last week’s watch list, which went from $3.15 Monday to a high of $4.15 just 3 days later. Sadly I didn’t alert it here but was able to score big in the swing trade newsletter. Hopefully you hit that one too.

6 weeks into this new newsletter and I realize it’s been a slow start for performance. After the big loss in SD and small win on RNN there’s not a lot to talk about, YET! Give it time. Remember, hold time are a few weeks to a  few months and we’re only carrying 5 open positions at a time so there’s not going to be weekly scores like the swing trade newsletter is designed to go after. We’ll hit a big win soon and then it’ll get exciting. Just working out the kinks first but staying focused on the reason for starting this newsletter in the first place, more flexible entries and exits.

My programmer is almost finished with the new layout of the long term alerts section, when it’s done I’ll do a video explaining how to use it.

I’m carrying a full position in LQMT in the portfolio, which I really like, as well as half a position in AUY, which I plan to add to around $3.45 with a stop loss pretty tight to that entry if this base pattern breaks down.

I’ve revised my scan this week to present more good trade ideas. Let’s look for 10%+ on these in the coming weeks, maybe get a little more active but still with flexible entries and exits. Here’s this week’s watch list.

ARTX – Really like this trade idea here at $2.50, stop loss below $2.40. A hold for a few weeks could deliver profit in the low $3’s. Momentum has shifted to favor the bulls and news from last March could bring another cycle of positive soon, which I’d like to be in front of.


DGLY – Pretty good story stock here I bet gets active again soon. Was thinking about entry at $14 last week but sellers dominated so I lowered my bid to $13 right now. Looks like it could see oversold before turning, so I’m not in a rush but do plan to add soon for the inevitable media coverage that’s coming.


NXTD – Probably my favorite trade idea on this list because of the highly predictable pattern. Look for entry above the trendline near $2.50 and profit near $3.50’s. Been a good trader on and off this year and that probably continues, which is what makes buying this weakness as it pulls from $3 resistance desirable.


VSR – Momentum is starting to turn here on light volume, could be a sign of pending news. Nice action back in April – may from $3 – $4.50, so look for profit before $4.50 on the next move up. Potential for big news as seen in last October. Stop loss can be tight below the SMA 50 but I’d prefer a smaller position and stop loss below the SMA 200 for more flexibility.


MOBI – I like this above $4 for entry, maybe a little higher and look for $5’s for profit. This type of base pattern is perfect for a channel trade and could deliver a profit as quickly as a week or two, which is what I’m targeting here. Maybe size in with half, then more if it breaks below the trendline but above parallel support. Otherwise, if full entry above $4, stop loss below the trendline.


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  1. genjacks0n

    Not sure why you would mention GEVO here since it wasn’t alerted here in the newsletter. I joined this newsletter because I don’t have time to sit in front of a computer all day so if it wasn’t alerted then I didn’t buy it, wishful thinking I guess.

  2. genjacks0n

    Theres lots of stuff on the watchlist but if it wasn’t alerted for the long term portfolio I don’t see much point in mentioning a stock that was a big winner on the swing list thats all I’m saying. I’m just trying to mirror the long term portfolio and probably a little frustrated at how things are going so far, no worries.

    • Jason Bond

      There were 3 stocks on last week’s watch list, 1 went up almost 20%, whether I bought it over in the swing newsletter or not has no significance to my point.

  3. nacc4

    Is there a way you could send text message out when you buy for this group. I can get text at work.

    • Jason Bond

      Yes all alerts are sent by email and text, just add your cell to your profile.


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