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20 Mar

Why I’m Leaving Profitly And How It Impacts My Subscribers


Recently I landed the biggest contract of my career when my newsletter was picked up by Profitly.

I’ve always liked the transparency Tim Sykes has brought to an industry run by fakes and was honored to have my newsletter featured there.

For subscribers and me this meant packing up shop at JasonBondPicks (JBP) and learning a whole new system for premium content and while I really like their system

I simply miss running my own website which is the sole reason for moving back to JBP. Again, for subscribers and me I realize this transition back is a hassle and appreciate you sticking with me on the move, I promise not to move again.

Here are some of today’s frequently asked questions:

*** ALL BondDayTrades MONTLY clients should close their account at Profitly under MY SETTINGS > SUBSCRIPTIONS just before their next billing cycle to avoid being billed $247 / month again since my new price April 1 will be considerably cheaper. You will NOT lose your spot in the room and I will provide you with the sign up page around March 28 at $495 / quarter or $1,497 year. ***

Question: Should I close my account at Profitly on or before March 31? Answer: No, we’ll close all JBP Profitly accounts on March 31. The only exception is if you don’t mind some down time between your next Profitly bill and when I’ll have my new merchant platform ready to accept payment. For example I’ve instructed all monthly BondDayTrades clients to close their account before it bills again at Profitly because my new price is considerable cheaper.

Question: Will the service be the same on April 1? Answer: Yes, I will continue to work very hard for my subscribers as always, we’ll just be housed at JBP.

Question: Will anything be on Profitly after March 31? Answer: No, all of my work will be located at JBP as of April 1.

Question: If my account is closed March 31 on Profitly, how will I receive premium content? Answer: We have a record of when you signed up and when your plan expires. Before April 1 we’ll provide you with a username / password to JBP premium content. When your plan expires you’ll be prompted by email to sign up with our merchant.

Question: Will I ever be billed again after March 31 at Profitly for JBP? Answer: No. Once we migrate and your plan expires a month from now or 10 months from now you’ll have the option to pay again with our merchant. Once you sign up with our merchant, billing will be recurring.

Question: What plans will you offer April 1? Answer: 1 swing trade package and 1 day trade package with quarterly or yearly billing.

Question: Will everything in the current BondElite be in the 1 swing trade package? Answer: Yes and more. We’re going back to one size fits all because I can teach better that way.

Question: What are the new prices after my current billing expires? Answer: Swing trades – $297 quarterly or $997 yearly Day trades – $497 quarterly or $1,497 yearly

Question: Will you transfer video lessons and webinars to JBP? Answer: No, this isn’t possible so I’ll do them over in HD quality and post them to the JBP website.

Question: Will there be a swing trade and a day trade chat room? Answer: Yes, nothing will change regarding the delivery of content.

Question: Will PayPal be your merchant once my existing plan expires? Answer: No, we’re upgrading to a real merchant which will make billing much better after your old plan expires.

Question: I’m currently paying with your old merchant and never moved billing to Profitly, do I need to do anything? Answer: No, if your billing is setup in my old merchant which is PayPal you do not need to do anything and are grandfathered in so long as you keep those recurring payments active which means updating your credit card when it expires etc… if you miss billing in my old merchant the account is automatically closed and you’ll be asked to setup a new account at my new merchant that all new subscribers will come in on.

Question: Is the new merchant PayPal? Answer: No. While we had PayPal before we moved to Profitly we’re upgrading to a real merchant for all future subscribers which makes handling accounts much better for all of us. My goal at this time next year is to have all customers in the new merchant.

This weekend I’ll have JBP ready for premium content again and email you instructions so you can check it out. Between now and then you have nothing to do, we’re doing everything to make sure this is smooth as butter. Again, all JBP Profitly billing will be terminated March 31 but your plan will continue until is expires – I’ll email you the day it’s expired and you can sign up with my new merchant to continue your subscription.

Email jason@jasonbondpicks.com if you have any other questions or add them to the bottom of this blog post if you think they could help others.


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  1. Jay

    Hi Jason,

    Signed up this month for Bond Alerts. My subscription ends this Thursday. Does that change when you move from PROFIDING. Should I cancel and resubscribe.

    • Jason Bond

      Hi Jay, I’d cancel and subscribe again on the new service.

  2. CHRIS

    Hi, Jason Im thinking about subscribing to your newsletter. But the price is a little steep for me!!! If I buy a year subscription before March 31, 2012 will I be grandfathered in at the price your website is advertising right now for $797? And will that subscription price be recurring yearly for $797?

    • Jason Bond

      Hi Chris, we’re moving off of Profitly at the end of March so I’d wait one more week. The new price for everything on an annual basis is $997 and it is recurring. Email me at jason@jasonbondpicks.come if you have questions.

  3. chris

    Hi Jason,

    I am wondering if my visa bill be charged again by profit.ly for next month. .

    • Jason Bond

      Hi. Just jump in Profitly and check under My Settings > Subscriptions to get your billing date.

  4. Mukul

    I have been meaning to subscribe to you, for last 2 weeks, and the response has been weak. Now i know because you have been moving out of Profit.ly. How soon would I be able to subscribe to you?


    • Jason Bond

      Not sure what you mean by, “The response has been weak”? I’ll be accepting new clients March 28th through April 1.

  5. Jay

    Hey Jason,

    I unsubscribed to Bond Allerts as you said. My subscription ends this Friday. I would like to sign up again. Do I need to wait until the end of the month to do that

    • Jason Bond

      Yes, we’re opening for enrollment March 28 – April 1.

  6. Bob

    Hello Jason:

    Do you have your track record for review at your site?

    Also, will you feel comfortable with shorts and bear market type plays moving forward?


  7. Rod

    Will you be accepting members after April 1…

    Thanks, Rod

    • Jason Bond

      Yes, March 28th – April 1. Cheers, J.


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