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20 Mar

Customer Service Is My #1 Priority, Working With People Is What I Enjoy Most


“Good morning Jason,

I cancelled my subscription on Profitly.  I will be signing back up again on JasonBondPicks at the end of the month so please hold my spot. I may sign up for BondDayTrades also. My original subscription was on JasonBondPicks so I think the move back is very, very, very wise. I must commend you as a businessman for going back to the original $295 quarterly price point which is peanuts for 3 months of renting your brain lol… In my humble opinion I think you are heads and shoulders above your peers in the finance/teaching industry and one day I think you will be recognized as the best of the best. 

My reasons for cancelling on Profitly was once I read your alert I assumed a red flag on Profitly part and not yours and cancelled but once you explained it in the Thursday’s webinar I understood. 

Here is a list of things I have learned in a very short time from you. 

I am up over $5.000.00 since following you. 

1. How to scan and find my own stocks.  “which could be a dvd on it’s own. Very valuable info. Thanks for that Jason. 

2. How to research and find a catalyst.

3. How to think like a trader: very valuable. every week you throw out insights into the mindset of a  trader  and  following you daily I was able to pick up some very valuable nuggets. 

4. Work ethic. Eat,drink,think, trading. I thought I was a hard worker until I started following you. WOW! you a machine

5. Understanding the psychology of price action: Very valuable: the way you see price action is amazing. Your accuracy on price action is very, very high. It may be your best asset as a trader. 

I could name many more Jason but I just want you to know that your service is very valuable. 

Thanks Jason see you in a week!”


Before studying your teachings I started an account with $10,000.00 with the goal of turning it into a $1,000,000.00 before I turned 51 years old. I lost $1,914.73 and my account @ $8,088.27 in two days of trading plus market value. I got your email some how about the NSRS after it tanked on me.

I quit trading until I studied all of you video lessons and webinars that you had posted until 2/22/12 and got back in on trading that afternoon DMD I made a small profit on that trade.

Since then  I have made $1,740.57 in trades and market value with my account @ $9,825.84. I am at a 21% profit since using you teachings. I have never failed at any thing in my life and believe preparation is the key to success.

I teach this repeatedly on a daily basis to my roughnecks that are under my supervision.  I am a drilling supervisor/consultant on the Western Slope of Colorado. I have been in this industry since I was 13 years old and love sharing my knowledge to those who will use it. Last year my rig completed 66-gas wells which is the standing record for this area. We drilled over 500,000′ of hole.

The bottom line I am getting at here is you have impressed me more than once with your honesty and your compassion for those who are trying to better themselves for their families and well being. I am glad I have found your teachings and know i will make my goal with the tools you have enabled me with.

Keep up the good work. I love working with people who have a passion for their job and life.”

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  1. michael carnevale

    I’m glad you’re making the move. I hope I still have my spot in your roster, and believe there will be no problems since I still am a member. The teaching you give to me is almost more valuable than the picks (although they’re nice too!!) Watching for earnings, FINVIS, pattern to scan for etc.. THANKS. A very quality standout service in a very sleazy market place.

    • Jason Bond

      Thanks Michael I appreciate you taking the time to say so.

  2. kwjones


    I’m trying to decide whether or not to continue my subscription. I started my subscription right before you moved to profitly. I’m not a technical dunce, but I’m no an IT guy either. I found the switch to profitly confusing and never really got it running. Thus, I’ve more or less wasted my subscription fee on a service I don’t use. I’m hoping that your transition back to JBP site will be smooth and provide us with a straightforward interface that we are used to nowadays.

  3. Amanda Kim

    Hi Jason,

    I bought, on October 4, 2020, Jason Bond Picks unlimited Swing trade program and alerts, and was charged $297, $399, and $599. I did per your return policy, took the required training, which your customer service agents verified I completed, and asked for my money back within 3 days of purchasing the program. After 4 phone calls requesting a refund and being told I would get a refund, I have no refund or even an email acknowledgement that I cancelled and requested a refund.

    Please refund my money.


    • Lindsay

      Hi Amanda. Thank you for reaching out, as we absolutely want to help. Please email support@ragingbull.com and they will reply ASAP.


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