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19 Oct

White Smile Global (WSML); The $3 Million Pump That’s Done Nothing But Dump


Don’t say I didn’t warn you about White Smile Global (OTCBB:WSML)!!!

I was one of the first to write about the $3 million plus pump (To read my warning click here) and how stocks like this are extremely risky, capable of dumping at a moments notice and ruining your perspective of small caps.

This stock is an absolute joke and my subscribers and I didn’t touch it after it was clear they were dumping right out of the gate.

I can’t believe all the people who once again got suckered buying this joke instead of buying my paid newsletter. Seriously, how does losing $1,000 or more in 2 days on Mr. X’s free pick add up when you could be spending a measly $300 on my premium newsletter and possibly making a fortune along side of me? I mean are you kidding me, this guy Mr. X wears a mask for a reason people, how could anyone actually take stock advice from him???

Anyway, what upsets me the most is all the emails I get asking me, “What should I do with my WSML, I’ve lost X amount on it and don’t know if I should sell or not?”. Unfortunately all I can advise them to do is pay my measly fee and start trading small caps that have real potential, like my $2,000 plus score on LOCM from $2.25 to $2.70 recently.

Seriously, click here to see how my system works and how I protect my subscribers from stocks like WSML.

Look at this, it’s pathetic! Ya it might run still on the $3 million plus promo campaign but the problem is, you never know when stocks like this will dump big time.



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