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17 Aug

Wednesday August 17, 2011


The winning streak continues and I’m quickly erasing that big loss on BERX with a good attitude, excellent entries and a shit load of reading about stocks in my free time. You can plan on this to continue because I’m setting some new goals for myself that are sure to help subscribers.

I hope you like all the alerts, if it’s too much don’t worry because I’m building a new website called JasonBondPicks and it’ll have 3 newsletters. 1 for long term, 1 for swings and 1 for everything… i.e. you choose which newsletter you want a la carte.


2k CBOU at $15.75, goal $14.60. CBOU’s biggest shareholder wants out which means this one is bound to come down in my opinion. I think I’ve played the chart right so I’ll give it a few more days. As soon as it starts building on a previous close I’ll abandon ship and reshort later.

3k MSHL at $2.11. Goal $1.60. MSHL’s news wasn’t strong enough to rally back to back buying days in my opinion, evident by the close. It’s a tiny market cap though so it could bounce and rally momentum buyers which would squeeze me, that’s pretty much my only fear. Most of it’s big rallies in the past were met with full retracement, adding confidence to my decision. It is important to note though, my entry at the LOD was because I did not see it making another run at HOD.


GLUU is a great stock, period! I will play this company repeatedly until it gives reason not too. Yesterday I drifted in and I’ll add more shares if it gets to the $3.10 range. Strong outlook, Zynga and more, this stock should be back in the $5 range soon.

OXGN was an earnings play that petered out. It was drifting sideways after my alert so I was content to hold so long as it held that range. With support at $1.40, I’ll be concerned if it starts to make lower lows instead of higher highs. With a bit of luck, the company will bring some news this week and we’ll walk away profitable. Support is $1.40 and resistance is $1.63 and $1.70.

GRHU moved up yesterday but not as high as I wanted. With an order in at $1, it never even made it past my entry. In at $.81, I’d love to see the $.90’s before considering my sell.

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