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17 Aug

Are You Getting My ‘A La Carte’ Menu Of Penny Stock Trade Alerts? More Importantly, Are You Using Them?


Stop sitting on the fence!!! When you sign up for my service you get a wide variety of information, one of the most important, as you can imagine, are the trade alerts.

Each day I send out multiple buys, sells, shorts and covers on the hottest moving penny stocks. These alerts cover 3 categories or trading ranges; long, swing and daytrade. I indicate the category in my messages so subscribers can choose from an a la carte menu of alerts.

So lets say you have a desk job that’s boring as hell and your boss doesn’t give a crap what you do. This guy of course is probably looking for every alert; long, swing and daytrade. But the guy who can’t watch his computer close might only want the long alerts etc.

How about some recent examples that would have paid for your membership with me for many, many years to come.

ABAT was recently on my swing trade watchlist. I bought 10k shares, alerted at $1.17 on 8/11/11 and let it ride. This was a swing trade if you missed that part. Within 2 days time the stock hit a high of $1.57 on excellent volume. I made $706 in profit seen here. That’s 34% in two days on a liquid $1 stock – not a PUMP and DUMP! How did I know ABAT was heading back up, subscribe to find out because I teach all of that and more to my subscribers.

Or how about Monday’s alert on COOL. After buying 5k shares at $2.01 on Monday 8/15/11 I alerted my subscribers of the swing trade. Tuesday 8/16/11 COOL was trading in the $2.30 range all morning which is a fantastic 15% overnight – ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Again, no pump and dump there, just good old fashioned research. Want proof, go ahead and click here.

The list goes on and one my friends! These alerts are real and I put my money where my mouth is each and every day. So if your an existing subscriber who has just been too busy to get on board or not a subscriber and on the fence about trying my service, I hope you’ll start getting in on the action because making money and my hard work makes it easier.

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  1. Alejandro Rodriguez

    Thank you very much for all your effort and dedication in this business. I’ve got and learned more than I could imagine I would when sign up. A service beyond any expectancy…


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