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10 Aug

Wednesday August 10, 2011


What a wild ride yesterday. I made so many good moves but just as many mistakes. That was one of the most volatile sessions I’ve seen in a while and I got caught going the wrong direction several times. The market literally shifted green/red and red/green so fast it would have been easier just to be cash in that situation. I wasn’t able to send a few of the alerts because I was closing them just about as fast as they were opened.

This is a new feature I spent the evening working on and I’ll use it to show you my live positions and eventually a watch list too. It’s not fully done but it’s ready to share. As a result of working on this all night, no new watch list today but much of yesterday’s if not all still applies.


So this section of the website is where I’ll talk about the stocks I’m in, but it’ll no longer display share size etc… because the portfolio does a better job of that. Eventually I’ll add a forum for us too.

With futures heading down, it looks like BAC will be red to start Wednesday. I sold my position PM last night to lock in gains but added right at 7:59pm EST banking on a gap and run. Shares hit $7.78 this morning but they’ve been selling down since. I made over $2k on the trade yesterday so that will be my stop on these shares which is right around $7.34.

Still just trying to get rid of BERX but there is no volume, hoping to see a bounce I can sell into. Again this is a failed trade and I’m the bag holder.

Letting OXGN ride here, not sure if they’ll announce their earnings PM but I’m prepared to sell as soon as I see them. Profit if they are good and loss if they aren’t. Small position so I’m okay with the gamble here. If they announce after the close maybe we’ll get more runup today.

Still waiting for GRHU to move up and I’d like to see $1 per share on that trade.

GLUU has been a roller coaster but I’m thinking we’re locked in a good price so let it ride. Of course if the market tanks I’ll need to bail but I’m feeling pretty good so long as it trades above $3.10.

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