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10 Aug

Thursday August 11, 2011


What a day! Let’s keep our eye on futures because one thing is for certain, there is a lot of money to be made when this market turns. Today I tried to position adding SIRI, CBOU and more BAC when the market started to rally from down 400 to down 180 but clearly I jumped in too soon. Here are my thoughts about the stocks seen in my portfolio – keep in mind it’s on a 20 minute delay and won’t use AH or PM information.

POTG is the only trade not showing in my portfolio because right now it’s not setup to show shorts. I’m short 30k at $.24 and hoping to cover (buy back) at $.12 in several days as traders who banked on the forward split lose hope.

GLUU was rocking and rolling until the market got slammed and then it dropped. I feel good about my position and will hold GLUU without consideration unless it breaks $3.00 at which point it’ll get my attention. Long term hold.

OXGN was sent out as a ‘daytrade’ only with a stop of $1.55. I kept my shares because I had a tiny position. I just added 1k shares at $1.30 after the posted earnings AH. I was bidding another 1k at $1.10 but there weren’t enough panic traders to sell me shares down there. Very little response to earnings tells me this is what everyone expected. The bid was as low as $1.10 but now it’s at $1.32 and I’d imagine it’ll be higher than that tomorrow due to the tiny AH volume. Short term hold.

Still waiting for GRHU to pick up and I’m feeling good about my position at $.81. This stock has a tiny market cap under $20 million and can fly when it gets volume, hopefully this is support. Short term hold.

BAC is a mess, plain and simple but I think this one is capable of paying big over the long term which is why I’ve loaded up. I don’t plan on letting it get out of control but if this is support I’ve picked a pretty good average. When the market turns I think we’ll see a lot of buyers in this space so I’m gunning for $1-2 per share to make up my loss on BERX. Long term hold.

Despite the markets getting hammered, CBOU has remained toppy. This tells me there aren’t many sellers scared at these levels so I jumped in today long. I’ll keep a tight leash on CBOU because it does have a tiny market cap and I don’t want to see it fall apart on me. The breakout key was $16.25 today and it was able to do that so provided it climbs I’ll gun for $20 on this one. Long term hold.

SIRI is SIRI! I think $1.70 is support barring a market meltdown so my goal is $2 – $2.25 on this one long term and possibly more depending on the situation. I’ve wanted a sizable position in SIRI a number of times in the $1.70’s and missed it, I wasn’t about to let a cupcake trade get away from me again.

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