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30 Jun

Thursday June 30, 2011


Heading into today I have 5 open trades and I’m looking to clean house.

I’d also like to inform you that I’m done with chat room day trades for now. It’s fun to gamble but it’s not my style and to be honest, the feedback I’m getting from my subscribers is that the day trades don’t work for them. So I’ll be spending more time looking for solid short term trades. Moving forward any trade I make will be based on a solid short term catalyst with clearly defined entry, exit and stop. It’s good to assess, evaluate and refine based on feedback and performance and that’s what I’m doing here.

Alerts will still go out in chat first, then text followed by email.

COOL is coming back together nicely since I grabbed 5k shares at $2.79 the other day. I’ll be watching to see if it can get over $3.20 soon and if not, I’ll consider taking profit.

LOCM was alerted yesterday at $3.33 when a big bidder showed up at $3.22. Trading range has been between $3.20 and $3.80 for quite some time so I’m playing the chart here and banking on some good news. Goal is $3.80 or so unless it gets moving on something strong. Stop out is around support at $3.15 should it head down.

GPXM is a suspected promotion I’m playing but I have not seen any promo on yet so I’m still holding. I’ll look sell half soon just to be safe but wouldn’t be surprised to see this one spike soon if promo comes along.

Nothing new on GSTP and XSNX. Just holding both and waiting for activity. I’ll keep you posted if I sniff anything out.

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  1. Nikki


    Based on your recomendation, bought $5,000 of GGRI @ 0.0530 on Tuesday. Sold it yesterday at 0.1250. $6,700 in profit. Your slowly undoing all my screw-ups over the last 5 years. Feels good to know, when the shit hits the fan I got a back up plan. Thanks a million!


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