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13 Jun

Teachable Moment; Bidding ZNGA Tuesday With Conviction For $1,000


As the head of this service I do everything possible to communicate effectively with subscribers. It does not matter if I can execute trades well if I have not taught them to do the same. Tuesday morning’s watch list had 3 ideas, all of which I bought and alerted by chat, text and email in real time. After the first buy at 10 a.m. EST I told subscribers exactly where I was planning to buy the next 2 ideas. ZNGA was 1 of them and I informed subscribers I was on the bid at $4.80.

Swing trading is 1-4 day holds and I shoot for 5-10% profit targets. This morning ZNGA has already hit $5.15 and is currently $5.07 making that an easy 7% so far simply by followed my lead. Very few traders like to buy support and sell resistance, instead they chase only to become upside down in trade after trade. How did I identify $4.80 as support on ZNGA when the knife was falling fast?

How did I get this to my members 3 hours before it occurred allowing my subscribers and I to fill when the low touched $4.78 and bounced immediately? Watch the video lessons and do your homework because it’s not as hard as it seems, but it does take conviction. Cheers to everyone who made quick money on that trade, $1,000 in 2 hours for me or 4% rinse and repeat.

Tuesday’s 3 minute price action

50 day chart – we caught the falling knife perfect

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1 Comment

  1. Anthony

    Despite that I must work and do not get the majority of you alerts until I am at work, unable to trade, this is understandable. I apprecaite your alerts and overall service to me as a member. The fact that I am unable to be in “chat” is an issue that I must learn to adapt to. It is not your obligation to adjust your call on a trade due to my schedule.

    In a nutshell, as a member, I understand that you, for the good of JasonBondPicks subcribers, must make a buy or sell alert when the opportuniy is present. If I am not in chat…. and I wish I could be, then I miss out on a trade at the very moment in time that you announce it.

    I wish you and your members the best. I also agree that tomorrow would be a day to be in cash.

    Please keep up the good work!



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