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20 Mar

Feedback From A Doctor



I was listening in on your life chat after hours today, and I wanted to share something from a man who turns 60 years old this July. I’m not totally certain how old you are Jason, but obviously a lot younger than I am, and you know why you are going to be successful in this business, YOU HAVE A HEART FOR YOUR SUBSCRIBERS! I truly mean that. Yes you are a business man, but “you truly care” about the success of your clients/subscribers.  Even with all of their idiosyncrasies and expectations from you, I know you’ve had to develop some “thick skin” and have learned to tune out the “naysayers”, but it comes thru to me on what and how you share things, THAT YOU WANT PEOPLE TO BE SUCCESSFUL! Not simply “take their dues and run” or go do your own thing.

In the 3 months I’ve been with you I can tell by the changes you make, by the things you modify and tweak, that you have the interest of your subscribers at the “mission and purpose” what you do.

Personally, I am thrilled that you don’t JUST GIVE INFORMATION BUT YOU TEACH IT!  Hopefully people come on board FOR THE EDUCATION and not only for “information”.  But I see your daily alerts where you are “explaining things” so perhaps during the day when you “enter a trade” since you’ve already explained it in a prior email, perhaps simply stating a price might “be helpful”.  Even then “someone is always going to complain”, so KEEP THE FAITH JASON, you are a rare young man gifted both with technical knowledge and skill but also a passion for helping and teaching others.


~ Dr. John S.

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  1. Francisco L

    Hello Jason and partners,

    I just want to give you an update on my status trading with your service, from 3/4/2014 to the present. My account is up +20% since I started trading your picks. All I’m seeing is green, green, green! This is amazing! Those that don’t know JasonBondPicks better learn it and not forget it. I’ve won with EGLE, PLUG, BLDP,and others to date. I look forward to continued success trading with you all. Thank you for your contribution to my current position.


    Francisco, a very satisfied beginner trader


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