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11 Jun

Account Builders; 1 Nano Cap Poised To Run Big


My favorite chart from last night’s account builders list NBS ran about 15% today against a market which was completely thrashed. Tomorrow’s market is looking weak and I won’t just put charts out if I’m not actually considering trades on them so I narrowed Tuesday’s account builders list to 1 trade between $.25 and $1 which is QTWW stock.

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies (NASDAQ:QTWW) is an integrated alternative energy company, develops and produces natural gas, fuel cell, and other propulsion systems, and renewable energy generation systems and services in the United States and internationally. QTWW’s stock has a market cap of $31 million, 3 month average volume of over 1 million and a Beta below 1 which isn’t my favorite except in volatile markets. Today Quantum announced receiving $2.8 million in new orders and the stock advanced almost 7% after an early pull down to $.61 before closing at $.655. Moving forward I like it above the 20 and 50 Moving Averages and am watching for creeping action up to the gap down resistance of $.80. Honestly, this could breakout into that gap at anytime if the low $.70 range falls. Another option should it run into a strong bearish market headwind is scoop $.55 which happens to be the 20 Moving Average, stop below $.52. I like this setup a lot for an account builders play and will be watching it close into the later part of this week.

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  1. Randy

    I constantly get emails from you showing all the up plays and how many thousands you and your subscribers made. Great – that’s fantastic, But it also makes me a little leary – especially since you seem to have dropped third party accountability. So where do you keep your track record – and since we all know no-one can be UP 100% of the time – where is the track record showing your “real” stats, both the ups and the downs? And why don’t you make that easily accessible for swing trade, the day trade, and I guess your new service the Account builders – as in, everything email you send out — why just include links showing your trading records? thanks.

    • Jason Bond

      My trading record is on file Randy… I disclose all of my positions to my premium subscribers daily… ticker, size, entry and exits. If you’re that interested in having a log of my trade by trade performance you can just keep an excel sheet, can’t you? I’m up 30% on the portfolio since inception or just under $80,000. Pretty sure subscribers know if they are making money or not.

    • McClain

      Wow- same question I had. More credibility if you show all trades to everyone-both wins and losses.

      • Jason Bond

        Not sure how you misunderstood my last comment Mark? I am showing all my trades wins and losses… correct me if I’m wrong?

  2. Doug Walls

    Your ACPW pic 6 month chart is VERY awesome and predictable !!! I put it into my watch list and will pic it up on the next down swing !!!!

  3. HunterShankle

    If I can help here. I am a member in swing and I can say that J is an honest real person worth every penny I pay him and more. Get a 3 mon sub and find out for yourself

  4. JoshR

    I’ve been a subscriber since march 2011 and I am still impressed how honest Jason is. I took a few big hits with him and my account has suffered, but he fully explained what went wrong and often prefaced with big risk big reward.
    His service is worth every penny!

  5. MelanieHinch

    Although Jason can move at a swifter pace than most smaller investors, meaning much larger profits, he also takes much larger losses and has admitted to them using those losses as teaching tools. His passion comes through in all of his video lessons and watch lists. He is aware the plight of the small investor, hence the account builders. I believe he truly cares about his subscribers success and when I follow his advice I make money.


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