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19 Dec

3 True Penny Stock Pumps Under $.50 Attracting Bulls


Trading pump and dump stocks like SPAH, MILV and ABOT can be very lucrative but it can also crush a beginners account quickly. If you’re a beginner and you don’t understand what I mean, do yourself a favor and watch stock dump caught live on video cause it could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. The beauty here is you can play them long during the pump phase and then short them on the way down. Don’t think you can short these? Think again my friend! This FREE 45-minute DVD I did Saturday available for download clearly shows you how to profit from such blatant manipulation. Final warning, don’t get too caught up in support and resistance on these pumps because you can’t trade them like a normal stock.

Spectrum Acquisition Holdings Inc. (OTCBB:SPAH) is a a development stage company, operates as a green mining equipment technology company. SPAH caught fire last Thursday 11/15/11 running from $.08 to $.37 by Friday or a massive 363% with excellent liquidity of $1.95 million dollar volume on Friday alone. Resistance is at $.64 with support at $.21. If you’re not sure how to play a stock like this then you’re better of not trading it at all.

Mistral Ventures Inc. (OTCBB:MILV) engages in the development of mobile phone applications for mobile marketplaces. MILV was pumped back in late October to early November before dumping hard. Shares dropped from a high of $.142 to the recent low of $.011 before bouncing. Friday I bought 193,500 shares of MILV and plan on flipping them out today or this week on a perfect bounce pattern I illustrate several times in this FREE 45-minute download on how to profit shorting stocks. If you don’t know this pattern your missing out on consistent and easy profits. Resistance is at $.017 and $.0252 with support at $.011.

Abot Mining Co. (OTCBB:ABOT) an independent exploration company, focuses on acquiring, developing, and participating in semi-precious mineral properties. ABOT caught fire Friday when the mailers started hitting and I tried to pick up $5,000 worth of stock at $.02 and then again at $.025 but the pump was on and they ran right by my bid like a runaway train. It was unfortunate because it would have been an easy $5k profit with ABOT running 220% to a high of $.051 before closing at $.048. How about the liquidity Friday,over $6 million dollar volume on this pump – tell me that’s not awesome. Again, if you don’t know how to trade these stocks and are a beginner don’t go gambling… it’s better to learn how from me first and before you go placing bets. Learn from one of my heavy hitting subscribers who found me after losing about $100,000 on the SFIO scam / pump and dump (Read more).

I am long MILV

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  1. Angel


    I bought JVA and made a little and bought again and it went down down. I paid $9.75 and now it is low and I will lose about $800 if I sell now. Should I sell or hold? What would be your advice?

    I bought stocks with all of my money and they all went down and I am stuck. What should I do?

    I would like to join you and trade, but my money is tied up with all those stocks I bought high and whose price all went down.

    I would appreciate your advice.

    • Jason Bond

      Looks like it’s holding support pretty well at $8 but if that goes it’ll certainly drift to $7. Regarding short interest there just isn’t a lot for shorts to be concerned about right now with all this news out of Europe so while it might squeeze a little I’m not sure it would be anything like the last $7 – $14 run we saw. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to tell you what to do here but I’d say it’s really important to hold $8, especially before the holiday – otherwise like most stocks it’ll probably just drift lower into next week.

  2. Angel

    Thank you for your response, Jason.
    I will soon try to join you.

    I made some money with JVA when you recommended, but I missed timing which you must have shared with your members.

    I look forward to learning from you soon.

    • Jason Bond

      You’re welcome Angel, email me anytime.

  3. Donovan Lewis

    I plan on joining you on my birthday January 18 with my birthday money. I just brought 10,000 shares of amwi and 25000 of flmg. Do you think they will rise soon since they had such good success in the pass.


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