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18 May

Wednesday May 18, 2011


Going into today I have 3 live positions and I plan on trading less after assessing my recent performance. Many of you may not like to hear that but I’ll stick to my guns here, it’s not how much you trade but how smart you trade. My buy on SGYP proved to be chasing and while I was doing that I missed my entry on LQMT that I nailed perfectly in my analysis.

So going into today, here is what’s up in my accounts…

75k shares of GSTP, the ‘E’ has been dropped. 25k shares are in the challenge account at $.13 while 50k are in the main account at $.165. Goal is to sell when the price is active in the mid $.20’s or higher possibly.

2k ANIK at $7.52 and I hope to sell in the $8.00 range down the road. Stop is around $7.00 on this one. Profit.ly and E*Trade uploaded the first half of this trade as a profit but I’m actually down about 1.5k on this trade, well see what it pulls once I sell. I’m thinking E*Trade is just misquoting my price per share on my remaining shares.

Finally, 5k LOCM from my $3.75 ad up when it started running. Remember the alert was at $3.61 and as it started running I bought more shares. The sold half when it tested support at $3.50 for a small loss. I’m looking to add at support if and when it turns back up off the $3.20 range to bring my average down and trade it into the next run, should one take place. Stop is if shares aggressively fall below $3.20.

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