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15 May

Watch List For Monday May 15, 2011


BCCI is nothing more than a coffee pump, but like my JAMN day trades from last Thursday show you, they make for predictable opportunities when they’re in breakout mode. Hard to say when it will tank so exits should be extremely fast to avoid big losses if the trade goes against you. Hope and luck have no business trading stocks like these, so if you’re new just start to learn the patterns. 1 minute 1 day chart with level II is a must to find support and resistance. Here is a level II tutorial if you’re new.

TSEM has Q1 earnings Tuesday after the close. Unless it runs Monday or Tuesday, I won’t be looking to take position before earnings but it might be a trade come Wednesday morning. Trading goal would be 10% between $1.26 and $1.45. Click here for Friday’s thoughts on TSEM.

GFRE has been a winner and a loser for me in the past. We’ve seen a number of fake bottoms after it started to drop so if I trade the stock it’ll be short lived. Cutting loses quickly if my timing is off. Friday’s are known for short squeezes so it could be nothing more than another one day run. I’ll be looking for $.50 per share between where it’s at and $3.75 resistance if the price action momentum returns Monday. Click here to learn from my win on GFRE and click here to learn from my loss on GFRE.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the week I trade LQMT. I expect resistance in the $.55 range so it’ll be interested to see what happens. Could drop right back down to $.45 but if buying starts to pick up I’ll be looking for entry.  Only 154,309 shares traded Friday which is better than Thursday but still only $81,866 worth of volume meaning if it reverses there won’t be enough bid support to exit the stock without it dropping quickly. I’ve been watching LQMT for position since I started here in January and despite the light volume, this could be the start I’ve been waiting for.

VRML from last Friday’s watch list tested the $7.50 range twice Friday before pulling back on profit taking. Pull up Friday’s 1 minute chart in your E*Trade Pro platform to see what I mean. This profit taking is very normal when a real stock goes up so quickly. Here are my previous thoughts on VRML from Friday. There is a very good chance the price action will start to climb back up now that the cage has been rattled. I’ll look for $1.00 per share between the $6.00 range and the $7.50 range.

PSUN is still in play this week after moving up from $3 but I’m not a buyer here. I’m waiting for a strong break of $4 which should trigger a $.50 cent move to $4.50. Earnings are expected on May 24th so there is still plenty of time to catch another phase of run up.

Also watching COOL, USAT, TBBC, JAMN and STVI for potential entry. These have all been successful trades in the past and are worthy potential trades this week. COOL and USAT are technical plays, TBBC is rumored to be a big promo, JAMN… well no explanation needed and STVI has earnings coming up.

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