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10 Jun

Watch List For Friday June 10, 2011


All Zynga stocks were up yesterday so it’s Zynga Friday at PSL. GLUU, MOBI and MCZ are all coming off the bottom while COOL appears it could breakout.

COOL attempted to breakout yesterday above $4.15 but only stayed there shortly. With earnings coming up on Monday this chart could actually breakout today no multiple catalysts. First it’s right at the 52 week high, second is earnings runup, then you have Friday short covering and finally Zynga hype. It’s toppy though, so if the bulls don’t carry it away stop out is at the $4.00 range which was support into yesterday’s close. It pains me to see this chart after buying 10k shares roughly 10 days ago at $2.65 which would now be about 15k in profits lol. Oh well, gotta stick with what got me here and play for the next 10%.

GLUU if you’re not in already should be on watch. Multiple catalysts including first green day, perfect chart, Zynga hype and Friday short cover. Price here is the same as where I entered so the goals would be the same if you’re interested in taking position. Target is $5.25 with a stop around $4.72.

MOBI has been good and bad to me, I’d like to get some more out of this stock. Multiple catalysts today including chart, Zynga and Friday short cover. With futures down it’s hard to say what I’ll do on this one because the funds probably won’t be buyers and therefore it may slip. But if I do get in, nice trading range between here and $9.

MCZ will get a boost by Zynga. I like this stock and I buy their products for computers. Nice move yesterday and I think we’ll continue to see it move up today. Trading range is between $1.74 and $2.10 with a stop at $1.65.

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