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31 Jan

Want More Than 20 More Trades A Week?


Introducing BondDayTrades 

Limited enrollment – 50 clients

As you well know by now, my successful swing trade strategy is designed to try and generate 5-10% profits on 3 simple trades each week anyone can follow. Part of this swing trade strategy includes watching about 100 small caps from 8 a.m. –  8 p.m. EST daily and during that time I see a myriad of intraday “scalping” plays that would be perfect for a day trade room.

My expertise in swing trading also carries over to day trading. Not only am I quick to process market and company news, but I can also quickly analyze a daily chart followed by a 1 minute and 1 day chart to predict what a stock might do in the next hour.

I’m already up $70,000 in 10 months or 34% on my swing trades from the trading account used for this service, but many of the ideas I have I don’t act on since they aren’t ideal for most users of my current newsletter.

For the 10% of my members that are following me actively in the chat room each day, you already know the explosive potential many of my trades have during the day.  If you are looking for quick, easy scalps during the day some of these can be perfect – but they aren’t for everyone.

So, starting Friday you will not see any more picks from my current newsletter that are daytrades.  Those will be set aside in the new service.

Again, I know this new service applies to only about 10% of my current members, but they are the most active ones out there and I know you really want many more trading ideas every day.

People who follow me now know I have a knack for picking stocks that have quick upside potential, now I’m simply giving us a platform to do it on 3-5 times a day. This won’t be mega caps or ETFs usually, instead it will be liquid low priced plays that can move intraday.

BondDayTrades is…

  • Perfect for greedy, trigger happy traders who need profitable intraday ideas
  • 3-5 momentum day trades per DAY
  • Chat based only (No text or email)
  • Goal is to be in all cash by end of trading day – everyday!
  • The perfect complement for my swing trade alerts

Cost: $1,997 yearly (No monthly)


30% off for existing ANNUAL swing trade clients

15% off for existing MONTHLY swing trade clients

Limited enrollment – 50 clients first come first serve

A waiting list will be established after

Open enrollment will be offered to my existing swing trade clients first. I will notify existing clients 24 hours before enrollment is open. 6 hours after enrollment is open I will notify my free list.

We’re expecting enrollment to start Thursday and begin service on Friday.


Jason Bond

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  1. Susan

    Hi Jason,

    I saw what you did with TAT today, and GREAT JOB! I wish to God I had bought shares of it this morning instead of futzing around all day and only breaking even with HOLX.

    Anyway, my problem is I want to day trade, but only need 3 trades a week and not 20 as I don’t have the required $25,000 to keep in my account for a daytrader. Can you offer some kind of Junior daytrader rate for us poor folks? 😀

    • Kelvin

      Hey Susan, have you looked at sure trader, I’m in the same boat as your good self, and have just applied for an account. You can day trade your heart out with as little as 2k in your account. Check them out.
      Hope this helps


  2. Mark Fincannon

    I agree. Maybe something that helps people build to the $25K PDT regulation would be terrific.

    • Jason Bond

      I think the best way to build a day trading account is through a career honestly, hard to turn $2,000 into $25,000 in any market but it can be done.


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