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15 Aug

Tuesday August 16, 2011


As you know, I was up about $4,000 recently on a bid buy, however, I let those profits slip away.

I bring that up because I’m feeling pretty darn good about my bid buy of GRHU which I’ve already seen two mailers on this evening. With any luck we’ll see GRHU start trading actively again here soon and if this is support like I think it is, then that means we’ll be seeing some nice profits as well.

OXGN continues to play nice with the price diverging from the volume. I was green today but figured I’ll let it ride until the trend changes. The longer it holds up here the better chance we have for another big run, especially if they drop some big news on those shorts. Resistance is at $1.76 and $2.42 with support in the $1.40’s.

Alerted COOL today and I really like this chart. Resistance is at $2.12, $2.35 and $2.88 with support at $2.00 and $1.80. This is a stock that could easily double from here as a long term hold given the right market conditions. Right now we lack a catalyst which is why I’ve gone small. The other day a big seller was on the offer but he was gone today so I jumped in when it bounced back above $2.00. Remember, I was short this one at $2.00 Friday and it doesn’t seem to want to let go there, so if that’s the case, only makes sense to be long. I’ll change on a dime if necessary but hope to be adding 15k shares to my position as it moves away from support and catalysts arrive.


Short 3k JBII still at $2.24 and it was down over 10% today at times. They had another lawsuit filed today and missed their 10-Q filing. Add in the recent SEC Wells Notice and I’ve 3 reasons to be short this stock. Risks are their recent deal, a tiny market cap and massive message board support. If the 10-Q hits and it’s bad, my guess is it’ll fall below $1.50 but I’d be happy to cover in the $1.70 range.

Short 2k CBOU at $15.75 and looking for it to continue down tomorrow. I picked up 1k around $16 AH to lift my average to $15.75. This has been a tricky stock to play considering the tiny market cap and I totally messed up entry this morning by not getting in around $16.50 when I had the stinking chance. I find it hard to believe it’ll attract buyers as the week goes on since it’s biggest shareholder has announced he wants out but hey, you never know so I’m on my toes. Goal is to cover just above the 20 day moving average.

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