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19 Apr

Tuesday April 19, 2011


I’ve been up all night trying to get this chat installed and my eyes are burning from no sleep and too much screen time. I was hoping to share it with you today but it’s not looking good right now, maybe tomorrow… onto stocks!

Bought 1m shares of MDFI right at the close yesterday around $.01. There was no time to send it out by email / text message and I wasn’t comfortable sending it anyway being that it was up 30% on the day already. Big risk here for me, but the bullish volume increase into close leads me to believe something is up this morning. I’ll look to sell into any early continuation… we’ll see if I guessed right this morning. If you pull up the chart and are interested this morning, understand this is basically a quick flip for me and it could be just like GNTA, which ran fast and furious but did not sustain it’s gain. Again, this is something I’ll put out in chat – once it’s up.

Sold half my USAT yesterday at $2.36 because I didn’t feel comfortable holding 10k shares after adding to my ZLCS position. I now have 5k shares at $2.33. One thing I’ve learned over the years is to make sure my positions flow with the daily volume. ZLCS started moving faster and USAT started moving slower so I go where the money is. I’m still bullish on USAT as a run up play prior to earnings. $2.50 seems like resistance now so I’ll probably look to sell in the high $2.40’s on the next spike.

I don’t do this often, but I did indicate Friday’s buy was a starter position… so yesterday I averaged up adding 5k shares of ZLCS  yesterday at $2.59 when it broke to new highs above the $2.55 range. My first 5k purchase was Friday at $2.48 and went out by email. It was a bull in a bad market yesterday on good news which leads me to believe I’ll be able to sell it higher at some point this week. I now have 10k shares and my new average is $2.53 and would love to see $2.70-$2.75 in the next few days.

Still riding LOCM from my $4.30 buy and I’ll add 5k shares if it hits $3.62. I may even add higher if I think it’s going to squeeze again like it did last time. This could move very fast, so you’ll need to be ready if and when it takes off.




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  1. Luis Alonso

    Cashed 10% on CDXC. Slowly but like Jason says: “Profit is Profit”. Thank’s Jason!!!


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