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17 Jan

Trading Is Not A Sprint, It’s A Marathon


They say slow and steady wins the race and nothing could be more true on Wall Street.

The S&P 500 is RED so far in 2014.  

2-weeks into 2014 I’m +10% +$29,418 deep into the GREEN.

Last year, in 2013 I made +77% +$238,830.

My performance was almost 3x the S&P 500 …

… despite a difficult December.

“Jason, I’m a new subscriber joining during your $1 deal in December. It was a tough month but based on your track record I knew you’d get it rolling again. I’m really glad I stayed as I’m up over $17,000 in January on a combo of swing & day trades. Thank you, your team & your chat community! Looking forward to future gains!” ~ John R. 

When John sent me that email I was truly inspired because it illustrates perfectly the market is not a sprint but a marathon.

Depending on when you sign up I could be on a hot or cold streak but over the long haul the numbers tell the true story of Jason Bond Picks.

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  1. Rondo Dace

    Hi Jason,

    Considering the prediction of the definite market crush, how would your students benefit in the next bear market with possible economic recession? As I know many people investing in stock market lose money during that time and some people gain money. I assume by shorting the shares and riding the wave. For a new student who wants to master trading what would you suggest considering the timing and the opportunity.

    thank you for your through answer, Mr .it will definitely help in choosing/making choices

    • Jason Bond

      There’s always a hot stock or two to swing trade in a 1-4 day period regardless of what the market is doing. In addition, as you mentioned we short too. Cheers, J.

  2. Rondo Dace

    I meant mister Bond, Jason Bond:)


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