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5 May

Thursday May 5, 2011


Okay, so several things to report here this morning about yesterday’s trades.

First, I finally finished up selling my CMCI at $1.35 and from start to finish locked in a nice profit. The stock is just moving too slow and I honestly couldn’t stand watching it anymore.

I also sold my EXAR because it was failing to continue up like I’d expected. Add in a bear market and I figured it’s best to take the $200 while I still could.

LEXG was a  day trade only which is why no text and no email. Managed to break my rules and buy a massive pump during the volatility phase before it broke $6.50 resistance banking it was going to breakout. And like a flash back to ALZM, after climbing all day I managed to hop in literally 5 minutes before the crash. In a panic, I doubled down to try and fix the situation I just created for myself and it only got worse. Ended up getting punched in the gut for over $4k in losses due to how quickly it feel and the lack of buyers on the drop. I literally hate that stock and am not happy with myself for trying to flip 5-10% real quick.

Held ANIK into earnings as I said I would, they weren’t bad. I’d expect some selling at the open but I don’t see this stock flushing as a result of their report. It traded 300 shares after the close at $7.50 so your screen may look red but I don’t expect it to open below $8. Remember, this isn’t just an earnings play, they have an FDA pipeline to trade off of too.

I’m also slowly accumulating GSTPE on the bid. Yesterday I managed to pick up 8,806 shares and I’ll try and scoop up more today. This isn’t a stock I’ll buy on the ask, 25,000 shares is my target at $.21 per share.

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