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16 Oct

The White Smile Global (WSML) Stock Promotion Begins – Don’t Get Greedy!


White Smile Global (OTCBB: WSML) is the latest $3 million plus stock promotion. You remember how we traded the last $3 million plus promotion, Lithium Exploration (OTCBB: LEXG). Get in, get profit and get out. Greed is what kills profits on stocks like this… thinking it’s going to be the next LEXG would be a big mistake and trying to ride it that long would be foolish, even if it did run that far.

So if we look to other big promos for tips on how WSML might trade, I think we see 5-10% a day with a shakeout every few days followed by continuation before it goes parabolic for a few days and ultimately tanks. LEXG was an exception, squeezing shorts and running all the way into $11 range before it fell apart. Allezoe Medical Holdings Inc. (OTCBB: ALZM), another big budget pump was pretty consistent with 5-10% a day early on as well, but as you can see by the chart below, nothing compared to LEXG. Keep in mind, ALZM ran further than most of these bad stocks do and as more and more people front run these promotions the runs tend to be less and less.

Anyway, nobody thinks WSML will be the next LEXG, despite having a $3 million plus budget behind it. However, it doesn’t mean WSML won’t be a predictable trade capable of delivering 10-20% over the next few days.

For anyone new to trading, I’d say these aren’t for you because plays like this are capable of being halted by the SEC and/or dumping without notice. Sound technical analysis won’t matter here, as the insiders attempt to control the trading activity in the early stage until eventually this chart here looks like the charts below.

So here’s the game plan on WSML. I’ll consider playing 10k blocks for 10-20% early on. As the promotion develops, I’ll be less and less likely to go long and more likely to look for shares to short. But before you get all excited about going short, make sure you revisit the LEXG chart below because that stock sucked millions in cash out of aggressive shorts who were too early to the dance.

Mark my words, the WSML chart you see here will eventually look no different than the LEXG and ALZM charts below… so game it with a watchful eye, take your 5-10% and don’t get greedy cause if you get caught in a dump on these stocks, market orders don’t work and bids disappear faster than you can punch your order in.

I should also mention, sooner or later one of these big pumps is going to get halted mid-pump by the SEC and anyone big at the time stands to lose a lot of money.

Don’t believe me, just look at Blockbuster Inc. (PINK: BLOAQ) recently, now BB Liquidating Inc. (PINK: BLIAQ). Not a paid pump but the chart below illustrates how badly you get hurt when a hyped up stock gets halted by the SEC when you’re in it.

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