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4 Jul

Testimonials And Reviews Like This Are Why Jason Bond Picks Is Growing So Fast


I have been working in the financial industry for going on 8 years now and I have to tell you how impressed I am with your teaching and knowledge. It is easy to put out stock picks, anyone can do that, but I am yet to find another service that articulates the technical reasons to purchase.  This is hands down the best services I have come by!  I will continue to spread the word about you and what you’re doing here! I have hit big on ES, ATPG, and KWK and I have only been a member for the past month! Looking forward to future trades!!  Have a great vacation and 4th!  ~ Mike

Thanks J! Even though I’ve only been a member for a few weeks, I’m already a huge fan of yours.  While I have made a few thousand dollars already, it’s your hard work, honesty, and outlook that I am most impressed with.  I’m almost through all of your video lessons, several of which I have watched 2 or 3 times each. I love that you strongly encourage us to learn your system, rather than just imitate you, and this led to me picking up AONE yesterday at $1.25 and selling at $1.35 today, for a near 10% just as you preach!  ~ Jim

Just and FYI for anyone who reads this. I’ve learned more about trading in a couple weeks being on board with Jason than I have in the past year. He’s and excellent communicator and does a fantastic job breaking things down with simplicity. Made $1,000 off of one of his oversold picks BIOL on a 3 day swing trade. It’s very exciting having technically sound predictions with smart entry and exit points maximizing our gains and minimizing our losses with tight stop losses. Definitely see myself doing this full-time in the next year or two. ~ Nicholas

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  1. video guy

    thank you for showing your cleints testimmonials or rviews for Jason Bond Picks .. as a new trader i would like that .. it gives me confident to join this program .. but is it possible to add some vide testimonials too .

    anyway i would like to join the program of jasonbondpicks.com.. soon.
    thank you

  2. Doug

    Jason, you haven’t done a article since July 4th, you must be busy. I really like reading them. So if you ever get bored …….

    • Jason Bond

      I was on vacation 8)

  3. Led

    It’s nice to show your wins, but one needs to see the loses to make a judgement as to whether or not the service is worth it. Jason seems like a nice guy, and his followers seem to like him, but that isn’t enough for me. I made a lot of money on Arena, but if I don’t show you just how much I lost in other stocks that month, you can’t really call me a cowboy. If you are the real deal, please show everything – the good, and the ugly. if the good outweighs the bad I will be first to sign up. thanks.

    • Jason Bond

      Subscribers see all trades and we’re building a trade verification system. I’m up 34% in 16 months and if you subscribe you’ll see all the wins and losses too.


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