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29 Apr

Retired From A 44 Year Commercial Real Estate Broker Career And Up $38,647 In 2012 With Jason Bond Picks


I started with Jason Bond Picks in October of 2011 as a tryout to test his system.  I have spent years with various brokers and groups with advice and have invested and lost a great deal of money.  The biggest hit was when the market crashed and most of us lost big money, and you may have been one of us.  I decided it would be better for me to try to control my own money and spent several years with two brothers who wear funny hats.  Lost some more.  They are pretty good, but don’t teach you how to limit or put in a stop loss.  Not every stock goes up forever.

I found Jason to be honest, admitting mistakes when he makes them, responding personally to email questions (usually the same day – never longer than the next day).  The leads are worth while and most make money and I have learned a great deal on how and why stocks move.  The best part is that Jason is teaching his method so that you can learn to do this on your own.  If you are a follower, you can mimic and make money (I suggest you study and learn on your own), but if you don’t pay attention, you can make a mistake and then you can’t really blame someone else for your short sightedness, can you?  The whole theory of what Jason is doing is teaching, so pay attention and learn.

With Jason’s help and leadership and the assistance of his chat room moderators, I have earned the following so far this year:

January – $14,140

February – $6,399

March – $4,716

April – $13,392

I recently retired from a great 44 year career as a commercial real estate broker and wanted something interesting to do to keep my mind active and something to supplement my retirement income. FOUND IT !!

If you are willing to learn what Jason has to teach, you can make money with his system and to those who say he is not what he advertises, I say, “You were not paying attention.”

If you are new to stocks, take some time to learn the terminology and what happens when you buy and sell a stock.  Paper trade for a few weeks or months before investing and then start small.  Jason will help, but if you want college answers to kindergarten questions, learn somewhere else first.

Take a spin with Jason and if you are willing to study and learn, you will make money.


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  1. Ed Puckett

    After taking lessons, watching webcast after webcast,and numerous self help tutorials I finally money by following the guidelines that are offered with Jason Bond Picks. After having a disableing auto accident I wasn’t sure what I would do with my life. Now I Know What I’m going to be doing to make an income for my family. My sincerest regards to Jason Bond and his team , I can’t thank you enough. Ed Puckett.


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