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5 Apr

Today’s Trade Updates


Lots to discuss but first, I wanted to let everyone know you can change your password once you login. Just go to ‘My Account’ in the top right hand portion of the screen and it’s self-explanatory from there. Still working on setting up instant messaging but Trumpia’s customer service has not been very helpful so far. Finally, I expect to have a forum in place soon.

Live updates…

I picked up 8k of WFSN at $.61 as a starter position speculating that it’s a promotion in its early stages, like UTOG, ALZM and LEXG etc. I did some digging tonight and found at least one newsletter went out on it this morning. There are pros and cons to this. But first, I couldn’t find how much money is behind the campaign since the newsletter only disclosed what they had been paid. Remember, LEXG’s campaign has over $3m behind it. Knowing the total number adds confidence to my speculation with regard to how long the run will hold up. So the pro is I’ve confirmed what I’d thought, it is a promotion. The con is I’m less confident there is a large campaign behind it and I don’t like betting big when I’m not sure. Another con of my find is that the promotion is possibly further along than I had suspected, e.g. see the ALZM, UTOG chart. So, my adjusted game plan on WFSN will be to put a 5% stop from the current price of $.65 meaning my entry, $.61 is now my stop. In addition, my original goal of 20% has been reduced to a more reasonable 10% or $.67. Finally, if it opens shaky or slow I’ll probably move on until I find more compelling evidence of a large campaign. If I am going to play a big promo, I like to know it’s a big promo, bottom line! I got UTOG, ALZM and LEXG right, I am not so sure about this one but we’ll see.

After getting 5k shares of PROP at $.18 on the bid Friday, I continued to sit on the bid today and slowly added another 20k shares at $.195. Total position is 25k shares at about $.19 with a goal of 10% the next time it has a volume spike.

I also added 7k of CDXC at $1.60 on the bid today. Took forever to fill and like PROP, it wasn’t anything that needed to go out on alert due to the liquidity. I think we’ll see it over $1.70 in the short-term at which point I’ll assess it again.

Finally, I couldn’t help but try and get some of my money back from ALZM today, so I grabbed 10k shares at the end of the day, price paid was $2.04. This too was not alert worthy after getting smacked around last time I got in the ring with this ticker. I am looking for 10%

LIVE summary…

WFSN – 8,000 shares – paid $.61 – goal $.67 – stop $.61

PROP – 25,000 shares – paid $.19 – goal $.22 – stop $.17 (Bid buy)

CDXC – 7,000 shares – paid $1.60 – goal $1.76 – stop $1.44 (Bid buy)

ALZM – 10,000 shares – paid $2.04 – goal $2.25 – stop (EXTREMELY QUICK!!!)

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