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4 May

Monday May 4, 2015


Good morning.

Last week I started scaling into story stock LQMT buying 50,000 shares at $.137, you can track the portfolio here. Earnings are coming up soon so we’ll see how that goes, in my experience it doesn’t move much on earnings so probably a nonevent. I’ll pick up another 50,000 shares down the road with a goal of selling it all around $.20 or better. This is a story stock I expect will pick up some traction on iPhone 7 speculation, especially since they’re saying the iPhone 7 is 60% stronger than the iPhone 6.

Best of breed BTU continues to drift as big money prices almost all coal stocks for bankruptcy. I maintain we’ll probably see some lift in coal stocks as the 2016 presidential election draws near so let’s continue to watch for an oversold situation to scale into.

Best of breed GLUU beat on earnings and provided strong guidance breaking out about +30% into and overbought situation. We’re probably not going to see oversold for quite some time now here but if you go back and watch my oversold lesson, you can see how rewarding scooping this trade idea out of the last oversold situation would have been. Probably the only way it crashes into oversold anytime soon is if the company raises money, which is always possible but given they have about $70 million cash and no debt, I’m not sure it’d even land in oversold on an offering, especially with the outlook. No play for now, we’ll keep it on the best of breed master watch list.

Here’s this week’s watch list.

AKS – Best of breed. Earnings winner last week with an excellent long term chart setup. I’d like to scale in above $4.50 in the coming weeks and swing this to resistance just before $8. Last week Credit Suisse upgraded the stock.

CWCO – Story stock. The California drought is continuing to make big headlines and with the summer right around the corner, I believe that could escalate. Consolidated Water is a good desalination play in a continuation pattern with breakout potential above $13. I’m looking to start scaling in around $11.40 if it pulls back a little from the recent move.

SD – Best of breed. Excellent long term chart pattern setting up here with range to $4 if and when it reverses. I’m looking to scale in above $1.40 with my first entry. Energy stocks have been pounded of late but when they reverse Sandridge will likely go fast. Here’s a good article from Forbes suggesting it could triple from here. TheStreet has an $8 price target on it as well noting the company is better hedged and has less debt than its peers have.

Your Long Term Trader,

Jason Bond

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  1. ldrhunt

    Jason, are you out of the SD trade? as I am when stop was hit @ 1.59 this morning.

    • Jason Bond

      Yes, it came in so fast I still have not alerted the 2nd buy yet, I’ll position with 5,000 more in a few days after it settles from earnings.


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