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25 Apr

Monday April 25, 2011


I hope you enjoyed your long weekend! Today we get back to trading so here are my open positions to start the week. I made a few late day trades that didn’t allow time for email but this week you’ll be happy to hear I’ve found an advanced IM that will quickly and effectively get my alerts out to you.

Friday I closed out my remaining 5k shares of LOCM at $4.40 at the close for a nice profit. I was holding out for another squeeze but didn’t have any luck obviously. With earnings coming up soon price will probably walk up a bit depending on the rumors but I simply decided to take profit and move on for now. If you’ve decided to hold this week, be sure you take a close look at the LOCM earnings schedule… holding into earnings is usually a black / red bet if you know what I mean. CRGE was a small bid buy swing I had made earlier in the week that worked out okay Friday for a small profit, like CDXC , profit is profit. DOGO was a suspected promotion and after waiting most of the morning for a pullback I decided to jump on board indicating ‘RISKY’ in both text and email. Turns out my entry was the high, a flush followed and I was left to double down or get the heck out with a quick 20% loss or about -2k. Luckily I doubled up right at the bottom Thursday and managed to sell near close for a small loss. This on is still in play as I suspect it might be a larger promotion but I’ll steer clear until I know more.

AVVC is another possible promotion except it differs from DOGO in that it’s rumored the guys running it are the same who did ALZM etc… I have yet to get proof on this but I am digging today and will update you as soon as I know. Since it didn’t sell off big time I have more confidence but I am not feeling great yet. I also heard a rumor of a new big deal coming on CMCI so I scooped up some on the bid there too. Bid buys are always risky because they lack liquidity and are dependent on a future catalysts with a 50/50 chance of paying off. When it comes to guessing the next big budget campaign you can clearly see it’s not that easy. The risk of getting in early and being wrong usually means getting flushed by some shady insider who is happy to see volume while the risk of getting in late means the exact same thing. Keep an eye on LEXG if you want an example of getting in late… I wouldn’t be a holder up here I can assure you that. Anyway, if I end up being wrong on AVVC or CMCI then I’ll probably just steer clear of these types of plays until the next LEXG arises in it’s early stage.

So not much to talk about early on in the week having closed LOCM and DOGO right around the close last week. But as I trade it, you’ll be the first to know about it.




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