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8 Jan

It’s All About Attitude


In the last two months I’ve alerted 32 swing trades. 27 wins, 5 losses or an 84.38% win rate. Profit is totaling $30,650 on those 32 trades or $15,325 a month. I can teach you how to do this, but it’s all about your attitude toward learning.

Teaching and trading on Wall Street requires conviction, discipline and a positive attitude. The psychology of trading plays a big role in performance. I’ve blogged about the psychology of swing trading before… 13 poker concepts that every investor needs to know and 5 steps to break a trading slump.

The key with trading, like most competitions, is managing emotions. In a conversation with my mentor he advised, “…try not to get too high when you win or too low when you lose, focus your energy during those times on your effective strategy and it’ll afford many winning opportunities, portfolio growth, and the conviction to move forward during difficult times.”

It’s good to have a mentor, good to have a positive attitude and good to have a winning trading strategy so when Chris emailed me the note, I couldn’t help but share my thoughts on the matter.


Loving the 10 minute video you published for the daily watch list this morning.

Not sure what’s easier for you but the video rocks.  I think your positive attitude helps motivate your subscribers.  Not that we need motivation to trust in your service – I know I plan to renew my subscription next month – but it’s like a 10 minute pep talk to start the day.

Keep up the great work.  My wife and I have increased our portfolio by 60% since October.  WOOHOO!

Have a great night!”

~ Chris S. 

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