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30 Aug

Is PRTN Stock A Scam? Don’t Let Awesome Penny Stocks Fleece You Again!


Like clock work, this morning I received several email touts about PRTN stock, again, by the biggest pump and dump artists on Wall Street called Awesome Penny Stocks, Killer Penny Stocks, Penny Pic, Free Investment Report, Titan Stocks and others. What’s funny is the content inside each email is exactly the same but the subjects read differently. For example…

Awesome Penny Stocks subject said, “PRTN set to break $.50 cents this morning” while Titan Stocks was slightly more bullish with, “PRTN poised to break $.55 cents this morning!” claim. Penny Pic’s is the best though, “PRTN poised to break $2 dollars soon” ha.

Now let me be clear, I have no problem with stock promotion, heck, I think all of Wall Street is one big pump and dump! As such I’m not writing to discuss promotion but rather these promoters recent changes to how they promote as well as performance. Now if this is all new to you and you thought PRTN was legit, buckle up because the it’s about to get nasty.

Now before we go any further, many of you are probably wondering why I would care about any of this in the first place? It’s simple, because I have a ton of clients that don’t understand the game and get fleeced for thousands upon thousands of dollars by touts like this. Not $5,000 losses but $50,000 and $100,000.

And if you think I have not made mistakes too you’re wrong. I’m not a fake who just walks around talking about all my winners. I speak from experience and have lost big getting caught up in the get rich quick mindset as well.

We’ve all done it… the key learning from it and not doing it again.

For example, here’s a client of mine Hamad…

“Firstly, I am a beginner in trading. June 31st2011, I’m in SFIO for 6 million shares. Put all my eggs in one basket (stupid). I was up over a $100,000. Low volume not allowing me to dump and make profit for over a month. Searching for help on Google, I found a guy named Jason Bond.  Subscribed to his service. That day I emailed him asking him how to best get rid of SFIO. 15 minutes before he replied, the stock plummeted. CEO indicted for stock manipulation!  I was down almost $100,000 from my entry cost in less than 10 minutes. I was in shock!!! Since then I followed Jason’s advice, with a goal of making up my loss. Through ups and downs, wins and losses, I’m up over $23,000 since September. Thanks Jason.” ~ Hamad

It’s well over a year later and Hamad is in my chat room as I write this message. He’s become a friend and I do my best to help him find winning small cap swing trades each week. Do you think the promoters really care about their subscribers? If yes, check the charts below and then watch the video. Keep in mind, my picks go up and down too but the difference is I send alerts that I’ve sold when the stock looks weak, these guys just keep touting all the way down. Hamad is just one of many stories I receive each week. Trust me, many of my clients play these pump and dump Awesome Penny Stock sends out, heck I used to play them a lot myself and it’s how I got started in this industry.

Bottom line is we all like the idea of making a quick buck, but it’s the people who don’t understand the system that lose boatloads and get a bad taste in their mouth for small caps so let’s dig deeper. I mean, look at what Awesome Penny Stocks advertises on their homepage for crying out loud… what gambler wouldn’t like the idea of taking $50,000 and making 550%, 1,100%, 1,900% or 2,600% ha.

Keep in mind I’ve been running Jason Bond Picks for almost 17 months, am profitable with thousands of trades and my best win on a small cap stock is 100% on LQMT from the low $.20’s to the mid $.50’s for over $20,000 profit in 4 days.

But I guess I’m just a horrible swing trader, had I followed these guys I could have made ha…

They say there’s a sucker born every minute ha, I should know because my first trade ever was a pump and dump with a $5,000 personal loan when I was buried in debt…

Okay so here’s where it gets interesting. Recently these paid promoters started reeling in subscribers for $150 a month with the chance to get the pick before the free subscribers. Their first release after selling the subscriptions was VLNX, more on that later. Keep in mind, this was a ‘promoted’ stock and PRTN is a promoted stock. So not only are they charging subscribers $150 a month to get the pick before free customers but it’s also a biased stock promotion. Interesting disclaimer if you take the time to read one of them, “…This website’s and or its affiliates have NOT received any compensation to date for investor communications services but expects to receive 10,000 Euro from a third party non affiliate for two months of coverage.” It goes onto say, “This website’s receives compensation as a production budget for advertising efforts and will retain amount over and above the cost of production, copy writing services, mailing and other distribution expenses as a fee for our services.”

They take $150 a month from premium subscriber to give them a pump and dumps before free subscribers so the premium subscribers can sell into the free subscribers and then later get paid $10,000 Euro from a third party non affiliate?

Now I’m no lawyer but I’ve been in the penny niche for years I can’t help but scratch my head about the legality of all this? Anyway, that’s really not my business, I just want to point out this seems sketchy, it was one thing to promote but to then charge $150 a month to get the promotion before free subscribers while being paid on the back end seems crazy.

So if you didn’t know any of this or that eventually PRTN will dump, or worse, get halted by the SEC while you’re in only to open significantly lower later on down the road… here’s their recent picks and trust me, it isn’t pretty. And if you are a beginner and think you can just sell when it starts to dump, watch the video below because it’ll show you how hard it is to get out and how millions can be lost in less than an hour. Trust me, when they flush you can put bids in $.05 to $.10 lower than the current bid and still not get filled which is why they come down so fast. So you’ve been warned, if you want to play with fire that’s cool, but sooner or later you bound to get burned.

Here’s their recent picks and last I checked there are no sell alerts on the way down, just touting on the way up which is done on purpose so all the newbs get left holding the bag. Let’s look at their RESUME – yes these are their pump and dumps i.e. Ghosts of Christmas past… cover your eyes kids.

Current PUMP & DUMP PRTN stock

A few weeks ago – VLNX stock pump & dump

Look at this 1 minute 3 day chart from the first 2 days of the promo – YOU’d HAVE NEVER had a chance!

And before that – RARS stock pump & dump

Don’t be a bag holder, sign up for Jason Bond Picks and get 100% unbiased alerts which go into a real money portoflio. GWBU stock pump & dump – that’s nasty!

Couldn’t help myself!

This was a classic! SNPK stock pump & dump

Or as I like to call it…

Lol, nice ‘E’ NSRS stock pump & dump

 My personal favorite – AMWI stock pump & dump – see video

I fought with a free client about RAYS technology – he told me I was CRAZY ha. RAYS stock pump & dump

The list goes on and on and on and on… check LEXG, POWT etc… if you don’t believe me. I could write about this all day but you get the point because the chart pictures above provide all the proof I need to say IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW PRTN is a pump and dump you do now and if that helps you from being a bag holder I’ve accomplished my mission.  I know this niche inside and out and I can help you become a better trader. I have over 10 years worth of teaching experience in the State of NY and I work with thousands of clients weekly to help them trade green. If you’d like to learn more about our family of winners… click the learn more button please.

For more on Pump & Dumps see below.

The NSRS Stock Promotion Is Ending, Here’s How I Know

Raystream (RAYS) Stock; A Predictable Dump After The Blatant Pump

The AMWI Stock Dump Caught Live And On Demand From JasonBondPicks 

Is POWT A Scam? BestDamnPennyStocks Promotion Crushes Subscribers

So is PRTN a scam? Of course it is so don’t get burned my friends.


This message was approved by Jason Bond

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  1. misdreavus79

    So to make sure I’m getting this right: Your advice is to not buy PRTN, and if you’re holding, to just sell?

  2. RodneyHarris


    I’m a subscriber and thought I would throw my $.02 on this. APS is a scam, no doubt. But I signed up for their premium service, figuring it would be pretty easy to make back $150. As a subscriber, I never got a text alert or promo email on VLNX…thankfully. I don’t think APS ever alerted RARS either. I play APS stocks carefully, I bought into PRTN Monday morning at $0.34 and out Monday at $0.40. 17% in less than a day. My approach is don’t get too greedy…wait until the pick is confirmed, make 10-20% and get out.

    I think APS crashed RARS & VLNX to get people signed up for their paid service.

    Love your service & commentary…


  3. Joe

    Bond himself got toasted by RARS right after he sent an email out to everyone telling them to bet big on it like he was because RARS was about to sky rocket.

    Now an article talking about suckers/idiots getting skunked by RARS? I got an email from Jason Bond telling me to buy RARS and buy it big!

  4. Delano

    Very Risky!, but Jason you can’t deny the potential profits if you get in early. Not understanding this is not a long term investment and being greedy is what wil get you burned. I’ve made over $50,000 the last year alone on these pump and dumps just starting with 8,000. Is it ethical not really, risky umm yes but there is money to be made. Like you do Small cap, I buy low get a 10 maybe 20% gain them I’m done never loking back until the next one. Now I rode GWBU all the way up to $2.05 from .36 . Not the norm for me but I’m glad I and got out in time.

  5. victor

    About three years ago i lost about 80 grand, thanks in large to those free emails you mention abow. I was new and did not know what i was doing. It still hurts. Thanks for your emails, read most of them, I am stragling to put $1000 together so i can join your club. Will try again, hopefully it will be differant out come. Thanks for education, Jason!

  6. RodneyHarris


    I think you’re misstating some facts.

    The email Jason sent specifically said RARS was a high risk play. If RARS was the APS pick, it could skyrocket, but if not, it would tank. It wasn’t the APS pick and it tanked.

    Jason’s email was spot on. He tried to hit an APS play before it was announced and he missed. I have no problems with that…because he specifically stated that was his play.


  7. Harry D

    The month of June can have 31 days only in Jason Bond’s testimonials.
    Correct your days Jason. Stop making it up.

    • Jason Bond

      What are you talking about lol?

  8. Kyle

    If someone is calling JB a hypocrite, they don’t know anything about him. He posts all his trades wins and losses and he has a couple thousand subscribers paying 300/quarter to hear his thoughts. I think you must be pretty arrogant to think you know more tham 2000+ other traders.

  9. Chris

    APS: Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me every time; will I ever learn??

  10. Joe

    Below is the Bond email regarding RARS. He bought over $25,000 worth according to it. That makes it a little tough to send out newsletters claiming he can save us poor idiots from “scams” like RARS and PRTN. (I made 23% profit on PRTN). Bond and his subscribers ARE the “idiots” getting smoke by scams lol. I rarely call anyone an idiot but Bond does constantly, so I use the word idiot here in his honor.

    Jason Bond is a promoter who runs pump and dump scams. He is NOT A TRADER and you should never buy a stock he mentions. Jason Bond is literally the punch line of the penny stock world.

    The Bond email on RARS claiming he bought over $25,000 worth:

    Hello Again!

    Bought 50,000 RARS at $.50 and will buy more. This is a risky speculative play but I assume if you are on this list that’s what you’re interested in.

    I made over $44,000 verified profits in April with my strategy or 15% on my portfolio. I am up almost $20,000 today on the open swing trade alerts NNVC, DMD, GLUU, ROYL and COOL.

    If you want to know why I’m jumping in RARS here at $.50 with $25,000 then you need to join my swing service – full report tonight.

    • Jason Bond

      Ha, nice try Joe. Best of luck to you lol.

    • anthonyriggio

      You must be the awesome penny stocks CEO. Lol

  11. Joe

    Yeah Jason Bond the stock promoter is telling the truth and I’m lying. He blocks the RARS email when I try to post it here and he’ll probably block this message also.

    I am recording it with FRAPS to put the video on Youtube to show how real promoters like Bond hide their subscribers huge losses. Go ahead and try to post one of the 50-80% losses you took from buying a Jason Bond promotion. You will be blocked. Use FRAPS to record you posting and him blocking and then put it on Youtube with Jason Bond in the title of the video so other people are warned.

    • Zack

      The only money I ever lost playing JB’s picks was TIVO when I got out too early at 8 bucks. Look at it now (it’s past 9 bucks) I don’t know what you’re buying buddy–sounds like the farm.

      If his service didn’t work it wouldn’t be thriving like it is today. The education alone is worth every penny.

    • ToddMahony

      JB posts when in/out, and makes more than loses. No1 is right 100% of the time, and he only shoots for 5-10%, so calm yourself joe. You’re sounding like more of a pumper then you claim JB is

    • LukeMurray

      Joe take responsibility for your trades. You are the one who purchased and sold. Do not blame others for your losses. YOu wanted to make big gains on a pump. Many people got played on this one. Many newsletters released this at the same time as APS was playing games on their sister sites. At the time of RARS we were playing promos in the room. After the games APS played promos are not part of the service. They worked well in the past. Promos are worthless today for the most part. At the end of the day you need to put your big girl panties on and take responsibility for your own actions and quit crying over spilled milk. i have a big loss in RARS, is it Jason’s fault? No I was in it on my own. Anyone can hide behind a monitor and keyboard and say what they want. Who knows who you really are or what your motives are. I have a few ideas but will refrain from getting into that. By the way Joe why not comment on al the winners Jason has had since RARS? No one is 100% correct in this game, at least he is open and blogs about his losses.

  12. joelattuga

    Sir you havent a clue! I joined Jason Bond piks 3 months ago and overall have done very well! HE TEACHES to stay away from pump and dumps along with a ton of other landmines!!!

  13. HamadAlFahad

    joe why are you the only one talking bad about Jason in this forum and no one else is agreeing with you? that’s because you’re the one that’s making stuff up and lying.
    I have been with Jason for over a year and have made good money. and I can attest to Jason’s integrity all the way. not all his trades are winners. but more wins than losses. above that I’ve learned so much about trading that I research and pick my own trades now according to jason’s strategy.

    thx JB for all your hard work

    • anthonyriggio

      That dude is probably one of the pump and dump shop owners.

  14. Bristol Duncan

    Joe, what you got to substantiate the “stock promoter” statement?

    You really should be more careful about who you mess with. Jason can and will have you destroyed by bringing a few hundred of his loyal followers into the flame war. He need only post an announcement in his chat room during prime market trading hours, as he did this morning:

    “[10:15 am] Jason Bond: Anyone want to do me a favor and let this guy have it? See his new comments… is-prtn-stock-a-scam-dont-let-awesome-penny-stocks-fleece-you-again ???”

    Hasta la vista baby! LOL

  15. Matt

    For those of you that are complaining about Jason’s posts and his RARS alert… I truly believe that you should get out of trading because you obviously have NO idea what you are doing and will likely lose on the majority of your trades. True traders don’t just trade a stock because someone told them to, whether it is APS, Jason Bond, Cramer, or Warren Buffett. They do their DD and make their own decision on whether or not to buy a stock and develop a trading plan that involves risk/reward management for their portfolio. Seems to me you are just looking to pass the blame onto someone else, like elementary children.

    I truly admire Jason for the service he provides because it takes a lot of guts to inform people how and what you are trading. He is accepting a lot of responsibility. Jason is sharing his experience with the rest of us, and admitting RARS was a bad trade, so we might learn from his mistake instead of sweeping it under the rug.

    I feel bad for those of you bashing Jason.

  16. taswell

    Thank u for pointing out scams.

  17. josh

    all this paid services guys buy the stock before alerting it then when they alert the stock their subscribers jump on it and is when this guys get out with profits because they subscribers rise the price hoping they will get good profit but most of the times dont ocur.

  18. Jorge

    Instead of hating on scams, the smart thing to do would be to short every APS alert you get.

  19. GLTYA

    Just want to point out that this week PRTN just bombed 🙂

    I believe that the “premium” customers have made their buck on the backs of the free lol

    • Jim smith

      Thats like Obama blaming all his f ups on gw bush. Lol. Or maybe it’s the uTube video that put the world in flames.

  20. dmerk

    I found PRTN on otcmarkets.com and started reading. supposedly they’re developing a new drug for women to help with hot flashes or something. Tropine 3. I mean it is a legitimate company right? Anyway I do subscribe to those free newsletters, I haven’t bought any except TAGG but it sounds promising. Maybe in the future when I can invest a bit more money and pay $100 a month for tips I’ll check james out, but have a newborn on the way so that comes first, no leap of faith for me.

  21. Daniel Brown

    I bought into a same scam with TAGG. I really learned. It didn’t cost too much, as I bought only 200 shares at .115. The emails said it would get upwards of $1.00 soon. It did balloon some to just over $.40, which is when I should have sold it. Now it’s like $0.035 or something.

    You are a smart man, Jason. I wish I found this site a few months ago.


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