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22 Apr

Don’t Be A Sucker!


As you know I link all of my trades up to Profit.ly because unlike 99% of the BS newsletters out there, I actually put my money and reputation on the line each and every day. As many of you see this is a lot harder than just sending out a research report or two a week and then claiming huge percentage gains without ever having experienced the ups and downs of the trade. For example, every day LEXG goes up HotOtc brags their call on ‘LEXG’ continues to go up. But what they fail to mention is most traders would have been shaken out 10 times already. The day it tanks they’ll stop writing about it and expect that you should have sold right at the highest point.

I bought LEXG in the low $1.00 range and sold for nice profits a few days later, verify it by searching Jason Bond on Profit.ly. Would it be fair for me to say, look at LEXG, it’s up over 200% since my alert? Absolutely not! But that’s what these scams like HotOtc are designed to make you believe… they sucker you into thinking you could have experience the full run on LEXG from their alert. I am telling you don’t be a sucker… we both know April 6th, 13th and 18th dips on LEXG shook tons of traders out because we all know LEXG will eventually end up like ALZM. I’m so tired of this type of crap marketing that I’ve decided it’s time to make a change.

Which is why I signed up here

And I’m now asking you, my friends, to sign up for Profit.ly as well. I know many of you have already done this and I thank you for it. Understand I am asking you because if I do my job you’ll have something good to share. This just puts more pressure on me to work harder to make sure I find the best trades and I LIKE PRESSURE!

In addition to posting your trades, Profit.ly also allows you to share which NL you got your tip from. So of course my hope is that you’ll select PennyStockLive and over time our community will continue to grow from it’s current powerhouse status to one of the best financial real time trade alert services on the web.

Sign up today

Now keep in mind Profit.ly doesn’t force you to link your account directly like I have done. You do have the option to post your trades manually if direct link worries you for whatever reason. So please do me a favor, sign up for Profit.ly and start sharing your wins and loses too. In an industry swarming with frauds we can start adding honestly back into the markets one trade at a time.


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  1. john

    from 6/14 to 5/13 your losses where $2875.00 more than your gains?


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