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9 Sep

Friday September 9, 2011


All of my open trades can be seen here http://www.jasonbondpicks.com/portfolio – you might need to double click the link or refresh the page once you arrive, it’s a QuoteMedia technical bug they are working on.

Took nice profits on AOL yesterday, hope you were able to lock in a nice score on that trade as well, 8% across a few days on a $14 stock isn’t bad if you ask me and it was considerably higher so maybe you made more.

COOL worked out very nicely as well, just didn’t trust it to pulling back Thursday afternoon so I jumped out. In hindsight I should have let it ride into earnings, so I may enter again.

Scalped BAC in chat again nailing it short at $7.33 just before Ben’s speech, after which it fell into the low $7.20’s but I got nervous and overtraded pulling my 10k shares off the table at $7.31 for $200 profit. Then I proceeded to try and fix it by going long and short and long and short again only to make about $100 total for a lot of work. Learning lesson here is I knew BAC was coming down all day, the trend was down, stick with the trade versus overtrading next time.

So my open positions are pretty much the same, other than my text message alert on SIRI last night that’s now looking premature based on futures. I’ll give the market a shot today, I think we go green at some point at which case I’ll probably just look to dump SIRI since it’s not going to gap up like I had thought last night at 7pm EST when I sent the alert.

I added more AAGC yesterday to my original $.82 position buying another 10k at $.88. My new average is $.85 on this one and I’m looking to get paid on it next week.

EVGI was pumped yesterday by a small list and it didn’t do much, I was trying to unload some shares at $.70 but had no luck. I received more mailers last night on it, so we’ll see what today brings but to be honest, I’m not entirely hopeful this trade works out. It was a mistake entering on the alert I received without doing my DD and now I’m paying for that — lesson learned.

STM is my long term pick, it’ll roll with the overall market, baring any major news from the company. So when the market goes on it’s next bull run, I expect STM to shine green for weeks until I cash it in. I’d like to make $10k or more on this trade.

That’s it for now, I plan on trading actively today so look for a number of alerts.

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