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20 Mar

“Camaraderie Between The Traders”


“The new watch list is AWESOME Teach!

Everything right there on my mobile phone … your comments regarding the opportunity the stock represents, either long or short, and what you’re waiting to see before taking a position, the link to the catalyst article, the chart with your drawings showing the entry and exits that your comments refer to.

I can literally take it all in right on my smart phone while on the go!!! Just following links and back browsing. Amazing!

Later at home, I go over the watch list example by example and see how it all fits together with the overall market, each stocks particular sector, what kind of catalyst moves the stock, etc…

Not only that, but I can pull up the chart on my computer and see how things turned out after the days trading!

The predictability of these patterns that you have taught us to identify is unbelievable! if I didn’t see it work out time and time again I would never believe it.

WOW! You ROCK! Your service Rocks!

In closing, the personal touch in the focus group in chat is so very helpful. Hearing other people’s questions and asking a few of my own. Just the best education period! And the camaraderie between the traders in the daily chat while every one is pack hunting together for good stocks and sharing their knowledge!

I want to be part of this!”

~ Dave S.

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1 Comment

  1. Francisco L

    Hello Jason and partners,

    I wasn’t sure where to post this, but I just want to give you an update on my status trading with your service, from 3/4-3/12. My account is up +20% since I started trading your picks. All I’m seeing is green, green, green! This is amazing! Those that don’t know JasonBondPicks better learn it and not forget it. I’ve won with EGLE, PLUG, and BLDP, to date. I look forward to continued success trading with you all. Thank you for your contribution to my current position.


    Francisco, a very satisfied beginner trader


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