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2 Jan

Are You Kidding Me?! Wednesday’s Watch List Produced Massive Winners


It’s not by mistake that I made 16% on my portfolio in 2011 while the S&P 500 closed the year red on some of the most volatile trading I’ve seen in the last decade.

Last Wednesday I spend 3-hours creating this watch list and the next day 6 out of 10 of them were the top performing stocks in the whole market. My filter is simple, $.25 – $10 with 300 trades or more last Wednesday which produces roughly 1,100 stocks daily. Of those 1,100 I narrowed it down to the 10 seen on this list and 6 of them were up big Thursday which was the very next day and 4 of them closed in the top 10 in the market seen here.

Click here to see the winning watch list before it developed

Click here to see 4 winners in the top 10 of thousands of possible stocks

More importantly, look at CYCC two days later, simply amazing how this strategy works! Simply put 7 of the stocks on that list ran about 20-30% within 1-2 days after hitting my list filtered from a possible 1,100 to choose from and I narrowed that down for all subscribers free and paid in 3-hours published and emailed Wednesday night.

My alerts produce winners almost 70% of the time and even my watch lists which aren’t meant for buying can produce massive winners. This is why my watch list will no longer be free in 2012 starting when we move over to Profiding soon. Obviously this doesn’t impact my paying subscribers at all but all you free guys and gals better get on board soon so you can have a great 2012 with me.

I just recorded a 30-minute instructional video on continuation patterns seen here but that’s also for subscribers only. This video alone is worth the price of membership in my opinion. See what’s different from me and most of the newsletters out there is I teach my strategy because I actually care about my subscribers.

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