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19 Apr

7 Liquid Small Caps Under $3 To Consider Swing


I believe there are some solid setups here for Friday. My scan was for $1 million volume Thursday, up on a market down day and between $.25 and $3 with a chart setup I think could deliver 5-10% in the next 1-4 days. If you make a move on any of these trades it’s your responsibility to track earnings, news and the overall market.

1. Expand 2. Play 3. Select 1080p for HD

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  1. stu

    thank you that was excellent.

    can you please explain the short interest mentioned at 1:30?
    i thought if a stock is heavily shorted (expecting it will go down in price), and if it rises then the shorts get squeezed & they have to sell, when there is more selling than buying i expect the price to fall.
    so how would high short interest keep a stock after a gain? thanks.

    • Jason Bond

      Sure thing and thanks for saying so. Short interest is a short lived opportunity because once the shorts cover there aren’t real bidders at those levels and the price retreats. So it squeezes and then usually comes back down. In fact shorting at the top of a short squeeze, provided you can pick the top is a good strategy since there are no real buyers usually.

  2. greg

    Love your videos—and you talk sense

    • Jason Bond

      Thank you 8)

  3. Lee

    Jason, love your videos and hope to become premium soon when I have more time. RAD would have been a nice buy on the dip just after open this morning, huh?


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