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31 Mar

3 Money Making Charts This Week…And More


The first quarter of trading is now behind us. The Russell 2000 (“the small-cap index”) closed with a bang… posting its best quarterly returns since 2011.

And you know what?

Jason Bond Picks and Millionaire Roadmap clients were feasting from all the trading opportunities they had in the 1st quarter.

I’m not kidding, check out this message I got earlier this week from Matthew C:

(M.C. just broke $100K in trading profits in 2019 as a member of my service, if you’re ready to get started with Jason Bond Picks, here’s how.)

As for myself, my first quarter wasn’t too shabby either…

(The road to a million starts with $1,000 in profit. Click here to get started.)

However, I’m now putting my focus on my clients trading to help them become my next millionaire student. And if you haven’t seen the new milestones program, here it is.

I teach my clients how to trade three simple chart patterns. The companies I focus on are penny stocks, and almost every stock I alert on has a catalyst.

From there, I help them find entry levels and targets (profit and stop loss) that offer a favorable risk/reward.

I’m also helping my clients to improve in other aspects of their trading like:

  • Put together a watchlist
  • Put together a trading plan
  • Position sizing
  • Pattern recognition
  • Understanding catalysts
  • Managing positions

And so much more…

That said, I want to share with you 3 charts that clients crushed it on. Now, it’s crucial you study these charts because these patterns repeat themselves.

In other words, if you master them, you could apply them to make money in the future. Read on for the 3 money making charts of the week.

Chart Patterns Case Studies

Our main focus at Jason Bond Picks and Millionaire Roadmap is on patterns, value, and catalysts. Basically, we spot the pattern, find an area of value to buy, and pair it with a catalyst.

CIFS Trade Example

Let’s take a look at one of my three patterns I use to trade.

Does this chart look familiar?

Well, it’s the classic fish hook pattern. And I actually alerted traders about this stock.

With this pattern, CIFS was coming out of that rounding – or fish hook – pattern… it was something I’ve been keeping a close eye on. Well, even though the stock was up 15% at the time… I thought it could run even more.

However, we don’t chase stocks like these… we wait for a pull back, as shown in the trading plan above. We wanted to buy between $2.90 and $3.20 and take profits anywhere between $3.50 and $4.

In addition to this chart pattern, there were some positive developments in the U.S. – China trade deal. Since CIFS is a Chinese stock… that catalyst was one of the reasons the stock ran higher.

Mar 28, 10:18 AM Adriano: BAM out CIFS +$1200 awesome JB nice find

Mar 28, 10:18 AM Darya+$200 with CIFS! thank you so much jb!

Mar 28, 12:25 PM Yi: @JB I made my goal of the day with another run of CIFS ¥ +$1000 / day keep the job away!

Mar 28, 4:03 PM Howard: Wow! Crazy +$11000 positive swing in the portfolio today. Gone mostly to cash now. Thanks JB and MRM Gang! That CIFS move into the close made all the difference. Back for more tomorrow.

What’s the take away with this chart pattern though?

Well, first you wait for the stock to pull back after running up… and find a support area. Thereafter, you would buy shares as close to that support area as possible… and set a target.

FNMA Stock

Now, this stock is speculative for anyone new… because it trades on OTC Markets. That said, if you’re risk tolerance is small, avoid it. However, this is something that could be a big win because of the bull flag/pennant pattern.

Here’s what I’m talking about.

If you look at the chart above, FNMA had a strong move higher, and just consolidated. That tells us the stock is poised to break out. But this isn’t a long-term investment… it’s a short-term trade because there’s so much uncertainty surrounding Fannie Mae (FNMA stock) and Freddie Mac.

Here’s another look at FNMA stock on the daily chart with the pattern.

Mar 28, 9:39 AM Howard: FNMA flat +$1000

Mar 28, 9:43 AM Thomas: Out FNMA +$1100

CLWT Stock

CLWT was Wall Street’s hottest stock the other day. But what do you do when you see a stock that’s more than doubled? Do you chase or let it go?

Well, there’s an indicator you can use… and it’s called the Fibonacci retracement.

If you can see the blue horizontal lines… those are the Fibonacci retracement lines. Basically, you find two extreme points and connect them… and you have the Fibonacci levels – these are areas of value and tell you where to buy and stop out.

For example, the buy zone here was between $6.80 and $7.10. You can see the Fibonacci levels at $6.55 and $7.55. This was where we wanted to buy around. The stop loss is below $6.55 – as you can see, that’s the last line of defense… in other words, if it breaks below that… the pattern is broken and you want to get out.

Mar 28, 3:30 PM Andrew: Thanks JB. $550 in less than 2min on small position in CLWT

Mar 28, 3:30 PM Michael: A quick $800 gain on CLWT thanks JB

Mar 28, 3:30 PM Pascale: Thank you JB. +$375 on CLWT (put my stops @ $6.40 & @ $7.70)

Mar 28, 3:30 PM Michael: Received JB’s alert at 3:21 PM today, bought CLWT @ $6.90. Sold at 3:28 @ $7.70. $800 gain in 7 minutes. Thanks Jason Bond.

Now, sometimes the stock hits your targets faster than anticipated… but that’s a problem you want to have. Basically, you can set it and forget it.

Lastly, if you’d like to get in on these alerts and learn about these trades in real-time, here’s a link to join me for the second quarter.

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