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28 Oct

3 Decisions Successful Traders Make Daily


You want to be rich right?

A millionaire trader?

Who doesn’t!

My question is, how badly do you want it because the road to getting there is paved with losers.

To have a chance at being a millionaire trader, start by mastering your decisions.

Keep reading to learn 3 seemingly simple decisions successful traders have mastered.

My trading profits are currently +$500,000 in just over 4 years swing trading part time, while teaching my strategy to others.

This year alone I’ve made +161% +$151,228 compared to the S&P 500 +1%.

Feel free to email jason@jasonbondpicks.com for an Excel sheet listing all the actual wins and losses since I started this newsletter.

Here’s 2015’s profit chart compared to the S&P 500.


There’s thousands of happy clients in my premium services (Happy HALLOWEEN savings) which allows me to spot the decisions other successful traders make daily.

Here’s the top 3 decisions successful traders make daily.

#1 Successful traders have a strategy and they use it to define their daily game plan on every trade.

I started this $997 $699 yearly service at the end of August for busy professionals. Here’s the actual results so far.

If you simply invested $10,000 on these trades (Figure 1) you’d have turned $10,000 into $24,330 or +143% +$14,330 profit in about 2 months on JUST 12 trades. 12 wins in a row on some of the most heavily traded stocks on Wall Street didn’t happen by mistake.

  • swing trading

    Figure 1

    BAS for +15% +$5,400 between 8/24 – 8/27

  • XIV for +8% +$1,950 between 9/2 – 9/3
  • GLUU for +4% +$1,700 between 8/27 – 9/3
  • BAS for +5% +$2,000 between 9/15 – 9/16
  • TVIX for +14% +$5,000 between 9/29 – 9/30 (short sale)
  • TVIX for +5% +$1,520 between 10/9 – 10/14
  • ERY for +4% +$910 between 10/9 – 10/14
  • TVIX for +10% +$3,200 between 10/9 – 10/14
  • JDST for +9% +$3,940 between 10/15 – 10/19
  • TVIX for +7% +$4,000 between 10/16 – 10/21
  • BAS for +6% +$3,045 between 10/20 – 10/23
  • UGAZ for +5% +$1,000 between 10/26 – 10/27

It happened because I had a defined game plan going into every trade listed there. Successful traders have a strategy which defines their game plan thus allowing them to execute with discipline. So to be successful, bust out a note pad, start working on YOUR strategy, then create YOUR plan daily and you’ll find being disciplined isn’t hard at all.

The strategy I use and teach in the $997 $699 yearly service above is:

  • For busy professionals
  • Targets flexible entries and exits
  • Longer term trading

#2 Successful traders cut losses quickly.

This is so easy it’s unbelievable and successful traders do it extraordinarily well because (SEE #1) successful traders have a strategy and use it to define their daily game plan on every trade. Simply put, if you know what you’re looking for it’s very easy to identify if what you’re seeing matches up with what you thought you’d see. When it doesn’t, successful traders cut loss and move on.

#3 Successful traders PAY THEMSELVES!

Part of having a strategy and game plan means knowing when to take profits, something successful traders do better than the 90% that loses money trading stocks. YES, about 90% of traders lose money on stocks, you want to be in the 10% that makes money and the ONLY way to do that is to PAY YOURSELF. Pretty simple, right?! Wrong! If it were simple, more than 10% would make money. Successful traders have a strategy and use it to define their daily game plan on every tradewhich not only means knowing when to cut losses quickly but equally as important, when to PAY THEMSELVES! Makes sense right, can’t be in the 10% of traders who MAKE MONEY if you don’t take profits. Successful traders take profits when they have them and compound that money into the next trade.

In 2015 I’ve made +161% +$151,228 profit NOT because I’m a prodigy but because I have mastered #1, #2 and #3 above. I mastered them through trial and error and am now reaping what I’ve sown.

So in summary:

  1. Successful traders have a strategy and use it to define their daily game plan on every trade
  2. Cut losses quickly
  3. Pay themselves

I’ve developed 2 successful strategies I now teach thousands of premium clients.

If you’d like a treat for Halloween, SAVE 30-33% off those plans now through Saturday.

Existing quarterly clients can purchase the discount as well. We’ll simply add a year to the end of your quarterly service and end your quarterly billing.

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  1. Christine Parcevaux

    I tried to join the seminar last night but you would not accept my password. I tried it 3 times, know it was right and that caps lock was not on yet was barred. I did pay the $297 but no luck; how come?

    • Jason Bond

      Hi, if you are a member you just sign in through the ‘chat’ button on the homepage, no need to use the ‘guest’ password.

  2. herbert

    I have been watching the stocks you recommended since 8/7/15. Of the 12 stocks I have watched only 2 are positive – FORD and PBMD 15 and 24%. Am I watching the wrong thing? I want to join for these great results you claim but I want to see the up-to-date results on a daily basis to prove your claims. How do I do this?

    • Jason Bond

      It’s important to understand every day I watch 100 stocks + / – and make a smaller watch list of 5 – 7 stocks. In there they go up and down. All I care about is hitting 5-20% profit in 1-4 days. You’re monitoring the longer term trend, which is something I don’t do. I play the 1-4 day moves inside the longer term trend, which many times is trending down. So while you see something trending down, in that overall trend there was probably a time it ran 20-30% right? Those are the moves I’m looking to and do capture. This isn’t a long term buy and hold service. The definition of swing trading is to capture extraordinary gains in 1-4 days, try and get rid of that buy and hold mentality, it’s toxic in this service. We get in, we get paid, we move on. That should clear it up.

  3. Titus

    Just wanted to thank you. Yesterday I saw ugaz was starting to curl so I jumped in. This morning I was up 9% so I went ahead and locked up the win. I’m tickled with the overnight gain and was going to let it get away from me. Thank again

    • Jason Bond

      Excellent! Wish I did too, it’s really rolling over here now.

  4. Larry

    hi Jason, I am checking out your site and considering joining, however, I would need to read the book and do some practice trading to see how it would work for me. One comment: your chart does not jive with your contention that you had 12 straight profitable trades between August 24 and October 27. There are a couple of sharp downward movements on the chart during that period. Also, the month of July to August 15 seem like a bad spell. If someone started during that period wouldn’t they be frustrated with the results? Best regards,

    • Jason Bond

      Hi Larry, all alerts, entries and exits are on my spreadsheet, just email jason@jasonbondpicks.com for the Excel file if you’d like to see it.

      • Larry

        hi Jason, I guess that I was referring to your graph that shows downward spikes during the period you say you had 12 straight gains. I am surprised no one else has mentioned it. Cheers!

        • Jason Bond

          Did you look at all tabs in the Excel file? The trades highlighted in yellow are from the Long Term newsletter, perfect since inception 2 months ago. The other trades are from my more active Swing Trading newsletter and of course there’s some losses in there, I take 7 trades a week in that newsletter, thus contributing to the overall chart pattern. I think if you just went through trade by trade on tab 4 you’d see what I mean. I made $19,000 in August, $19,255 in September and $4 in October.

  5. AWendell "Dean" Jordan

    JB!! Been with you for a few months now and have studied and studied, and then studied some more. Have had several wins, like UGAZ last week + 8% (from the watch list) but nailed my biggest win yet on CMG puts with Luke +6400. I Can’t thank you and your team enough, I really love trading and you guys have given me the tools to be so much more successful at it than I ever could have on my own. Your my bread and butter, Luke and Bart are the icing on the cake 😉
    See in the room tomorrow and thanks again

  6. Ronald Watkins

    Jason I don’t have a lot to start with would 5k be enough to start trading?

    • Jason Bond

      I think so but that’s up to you, really depends on your goals. In addition to the real money, I’d do something like Think or Swim’s paperMoney too, so you an practice taking more trades.

  7. Joyce Luo

    Hi Jason
    Can you send me the Excel sheet listing all the actual wins and loses since you started the newsletter.

  8. alex baloyi

    Hi Jason i’m still a student would you recommend one to open up an account with SURE TRADER with $500 ?
    or Think and Swim thank you will these two brokers work well with your alerts on a daily basis? thanks Alex

    • Jason Bond

      Think or Swim.

  9. gerry

    do you trade the stock or the stock options

    • Jason Bond

      Mostly stocks, options in the MRM.


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