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29 Dec

2011 Survey Results Updated 12/29/2011 @ 12:00 a.m. EST


Please take the time to fill out this survey if you have not already, it’s greatly appreciated and one of my reference points to improve in 2012.

*** TAKE SURVEY HERE *** http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/32Z9JNM *** TAKE SURVEY HERE ***

Here are the results so far.

1. Did Jason help you make money in 2011?

69.1% Yes

30.9% No

2. Are you happy with 3-5 swing swing alerts per week or would 5-7 be better?

56.8% Yes 3-5 alerts per week is perfect

43.2% No, 3-5 isn’t enough I’d like 5-7 alerts per week

3. What alert price range is your favorite?

25.9% $.25 – $1.00

44.4% $1.00 – $3.00

3.7% $3.00 – $5.00

51.9% All of the above

4. Regarding the swing trade newsletter, what form of communication works best for you?

13.6% Chat

48.1% Text

39.5% Email

40.7% All of the above

5. Would you be interested in Jason’s chat based day trade newsletter with 3-5 momentum trades per day between $.25 – $10?

76.5% Yes

23.5% No

6. Are you interested in Jason’s free DVDs in 2012?

93.8% Yes

6.2% No

7. Would you recommend Jason to your family and friends?

91.4% Yes

8.6% No

8. How was Jason’s customer service in 2011?

90.1% Excellent

7.4% Average

2.5% Okay

0.0% Terrible

9. What would you like to see more of? What would you like to see less of? Please provide any additional feedback that would help you as a customer.


Not sure, I just signed up. I am still learning terminology and I often do not understand vocabulary associated with the market. I have to look up many things, but often, I do not have time. Thanks Wyomimg Teacher

Man, you give 110% everyday now. How much more can we ask of you????

I’d like to see more money! Smile – I joined just a month ago, and the market was horrible. I’m sure it will get better, and I had have faith! Thanks.

only a couple weeks here, so feed back would be bias on the couple trades made…but did take awhile to find where the daily watchlist was. stupid me thought it would be linked to pd.sub chat room for e-z- access. IDEA ?


Good day Jason, I have done only one trade with you so far with BPAX and I was successful. My goal is to accomplish small wins and to minimize my loss from your advices. I appreciate so much your interactions with me. You are for real and not a person who is manipulating us like some companies who advertize us because they are being payed in the background by large companies waiting to suck all my money. You do not pretend to know it all but I can see that you care about us. I am intending to be working with you for as long as you will be in business because my goal is to be able to subscribe one day to your day trade with large sums of money. I only have a few thousands dollars right now left after all my losses over the years but diligently with you as a mentor I will work my way up to follow your steps of success. Keep up the good work, you surely make a big difference in the life of small people like me, and may 2012 be a blessing to you as you do to others.

more understanding regarding the emotions of the newbees..The service emphasis is on teaching trading, but the “students” are dealt with as experienced traders when trades go south.. not a babysitter etcetera.. Teaching includes the emotion control not only the technical evaluations. IMHO

I would like to see the members working with each other. All I see is technical yap yap yap about the market or their stock inclusively joking about how their toes smell like french fries (I don’t want to know that!) Sure there are some people that have good picks but put the yappers to work. Maybe we can all research on a stock for homework and meet and talk about or findings opinions on the stock, entries, supports, resistances, squeeze candidates, catalyst etc. This way we can help jasonbondpicks have better picks.

I would probably like to see , maybe a once a week thing of stocks above $5 but below $30-$40 range for Long but with maybe a month or so in mind… Like GE played this last week, I made over 20% of profit with a strong stock, “safe” for a week I could not be a active daily trade… Maybe alert on those companies that will have a strong dividend coming up…

Thanks for all your hard work Jason. The market wasn’t with us lately but I trust your knowledge, experience and dedication with a positive outlook for 2012. Let’s make it happen !

As a matter of explanation, I did not make money in 2011 because I’m still fighting the battle of getting out from under a number of positions that a not-so-good financial adviser left me with when I found Jason’s service. I would love to see twice as many alerts a week, but, because I’m trading in my IRA account, it takes 3-4 days for my money to settle whether I lose or not. I have to scale my positions to fit my present circumstance and that sometimes doesn’t give me the time I need to act when Jason does. I also don’t get the chance to be at my computer each and every day and that has cost me a couple of times. I am learning how to use stops as a result and am getting better at it. After all, when I signed up, all Jason promised me was that he could teach me and that I would learn. He has and I have. Maybe we could spend a little time discussing strategies on how to get out of a bad position, when we get caught it one, without losing the farm. I’m going to get stuck in them as time goes on simply because my time is not all my own and I don’t get to be at my computer when I would like.

Some long term trades, maybe one every two weeks.

I enjoy the learning sessions and have learn more from Jason than I did with a previous coarse that cost me $3000.00. and I’ve been with Jason less than a month

The trades are too fast. Many times I could not get in on the trade as the price is already up 5+%. When taking a loss, I get to take more loss as the price already fell through.

I would like to see more short trades to reduce exposure in choppy markets. Also maybe a ranking on the risk of the swing trade. Maybe a 1 means high risk, high gain, 2 is medium risk and gain and 3 is low risk low gain.

Less e-mails with no trades ( info, bla bla bla, etc.)

A preface to your moves. Kind like a heads up before the trade alert. Like looking to pick 2000 shares of ARN if it hits 1.21. At work it’s hard to make moves right when you trade, but if you can give a heads up that would make it much easier for me personally. I could get etrade up and running on my computer for example….

still new. the website is confusing. need icons on the top for easy access. can u tell me your win percentage in 2011?

I only have email, which I have decided is to slow and I’m late on trades, so I have not made money. I need a better way.

daytrades during a bear market

I wouldnt recommend you to friends only because I have not made money. That’s not a knock on you because part of it is my fault and I believe in your ability but I need to profit first. I wonder how you juggle the business side of your service vs the trades. I know you have a lot going on with moving platforms and new subscribers so I question if you 100% focused in trading during market hours. My comments may seem negative but I am still happy with your service.

More picks with higher potential for gains, remember not all of us can invest $100,000.00 like you. We need more lead time.

quicker alerts besides chat, a watchlist for paying subscrbers, better screen sharing software, day trades during bear market


The video recordings of classes would be a huge help, as sometimes I am unable to attend. I realize compiling all that video can be time consuming, but even just a raw footage of the class would be better than nothing. The last video/PowerPoint on shorting that Jason put together was awesome.

To new yet to give a good answer, I like that you are aware that there are people out there that are just learning and give advise.

I do not know what else to say ‘cept the experience has been outstanding!!! Looking forward to the momo trades.

If I could join chat on my iPhone I would be in chat every day. That’s all I have when I am at work. Skype has been good on the iPhone but I am not sure how the new system for alerts will work. I think it’s a flash thing maybe?

Many more members. 2 or 3 Chat, text daily updates.

I haven’t made any money yet because of the loses, but it’s not Jason’s fault. Also, besides finding the right trades, I have found that timing is everything and even today I learned that if you miss the boat DO NOT chase it. I lost money because I was late on a trade, bought too late, feared it was falling apart and sold to cut my loses. Looking forward to a great 2012, Only working with $2000 right now so I need alot of $500 to a $1000 trades that make 10% to build up my working capitol.

I’ve only been a member for a week. So far your service has been great and has made me money. Thanks Jason.

Please consider members who works during trading time. Can not access chat or webinar.

Customer service is the best. web lessons help pick Mr. Bond brain on how he finds his picks, and what he is thinking about his picks. over all i just sighned up and jumped in with both legs not knowing jason is a on bad week. yes i did loose over 4000 bucks. but i do have 100% trust in him.

i’m very happy with the service, i just feel that people(including my-self) need to start taking profit when its on the table, swing ranges dont always hold, so if up over $300, perhaps take it, and move on, or play the swing in 2 or 3 parts, taking profit each section, then re-assessing. the last 4 trades i’ve been up over $300, and let them slip back to zero, alas, no more. on the whole, i’m happy with the trades you get us in, just not all the exits, so i’m taking money when its there. your a great guy, and if you move forward next year, as you have this, it will be fantastic. cheers jason

I hate pestering you for your entries. I also hate going back through my emails to look and see what it was. Could you provide your entry also in your portfolio maybe? You seem to always exit well before what you predicted your exit would be. BPAX for example. Can you try and be more realistic? Being at work I’m not always paying attention. It helps me to anticipate an exit knowing that the exit price is approaching. I know you can’t predict accurately 100% of the time though. But it does seem like most of the time you miss the predicted exit. thanx

Less chatter about nonsense in the chatrooms.

I would like to see more 0.25 to 1.00 entries, my account is small and it is hard to get leverage with the 3-5 dollar trades. I would like more education, being new to trading and an engineer by trade, I like to understand in depth how things work, I am sure alot of this will come with experience, but the faster I can learn the better I feel I will be at preserving my capital and growing it.

More ‘shorter’ Swing trades. Overnighters, maybe a week at most, etc. To profit and be encouraged quicker, more often — yet be able to avoid the $25k requirement for Day trading. Making 1 trade per day, 4-5 per week.

Pretty damn happy at this point, Like it when you stick to the plan you teach us and not “gunsling”. I would like to see the chat room a little more orderly, than it is at times, with quality alerts given by all who chat. So just a question of tweaking things otherwise happy with the way you are progressing!

I’m not sure if you can do this but I have missed two trades that both made good money because I was late getting in. I got the TEXT on my phone that you had bought a stock, why, and what to look for as a stop but by the time I read it and tried to purchase the stock it had already gone up to close to your selling point…so I didn’t buy. Would it be possible (legal) to shoot off a text that you are about to buy something (before you do) so we can have a better shot at getting in at the right entry point? I started with you in November and lost 9.9% of my “play money”. December was better but I have not quite made up for November yet. I’m learning and will probably buy another 3 months of your service to give it a fair shake. Best regards.

Tell us the best stock to short sell

Discounts to subscribe. Poor college student i am

I’m a big fan of learning the technicals. Charts, candles, indicators…today I saw the DIA affect BAC directly – it wasn’t just educational, it was entertaining, and will be useful during my next day of trading. Maybe less time spent reflecting on the charts that were good picks – more time on charts that have the ideal setup for a trade.

I would like to see more daytrades

I’m not in here very long, but for the time that I’ve been here I really like the service and personal tutoring that you give. The only thing that I miss is a track list based on the alerts that really went out. That’s all. Keep on going like this.

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